Writers needed – #TJ13 is hiring

Can you write? We’re looking for contributions from both fans and pro’s alike. Some of you may have noticed some advertising has appeared on the site in the last few weeks. Much like Gene Haas had discovered with F1, this is because the TJ13 beast had become unsustainable prompting my earlier post saying goodbye to one and all.

Well as you may’ve noticed things have not died completely – just yet.

This advertising is primarily to ensure the TJ13 website lives on and to fulfil that objective we need more content providers.

If you’re interested in writing for the site, whether as a keen fan or as a professional, please contact us using the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

10 responses to “Writers needed – #TJ13 is hiring

  1. There are many F1 sites but there is only one that I know of that is managed by an individual, contributed too solely by him, is man enough and able “to take as much as he gives”, permits criticism of himself and his expressed opinion, the end result is an F1 site with one of the highest number followers from around the world amongst much much more bigger set-ups (sites).
    Since the restart after declaring “going off air I had high hopes for this site and expressed myself to that effect on here, this because what seems to me “the new way of doing things” embarked upon, at least that’s the way it seemed to me, but after a few days it was declared that “flame writing” will not be tolerated, also posts criticising opinion expressed on here started to again not being allowed to stand, the problem is again back down to “what one likes to hear or not”.
    Having contributors/opinion writers but no followers because one will think twice to criticise contributors/opinion writers does not make FOR an F1 SITE.

    • The comment moderation rules are simple. Do not flame a writer who gives their time free of charge without a good explanation. The other rule is that racism will not be tolerated.

      You have never fallen into either of these brackets as far as I’m personally aware

      • Yes, fully agree that your “newly” thrown-in “racism” should strictly not be tolerated.
        That apart your moderation should bear in mind that your article/opinion writers/contributors once a forum is allowed are exposed to the opinions of your forum visitors, which themselves are also and no less contributing in their free time to your site as much as your article/opinion/writers/contributors. In short moderation can make or breaks a site, depending on what they like or not to hear.
        This site was once upon a time one of the best, after going off-air at its lowest ebb, there were fresh hope for all to see that a new page was being started/turned, I myself said so over here, now let’s try put it back on that road to what it used to be by showing that you can take as much as you give.

  2. I’d say that one position you need to consider is a proof-reader.
    That aside, the status of the TJ13 site is puzzling and statements about its life expectancy have been contradictory and confusing to the readership (this reader at least…) Perhaps a little more clarification might be in order?

    • Thanks for the comment. The point is I have a small team of people, some of which have now got other commitments. Also my time has been more limited this year, with that in mind I was going to put TJ13 into hibernation but after posting my article I received a lot of messages from readers and the remaining TJ13 staff expressing a desire to help out. We’ve had a reshuffle here and the site is back on track albeit with less of my direct input but we want it to grow, hence this advert.

      • Pretty gutted to hear you’re taking more a back seat your honour. Since discovering TJ13 a few years back I’ve really enjoyed it. It is the best F1 site I’ve ever used. Please don’t make us return to sites of James Allen (who clearly doesn’t dare air his real views for fear of not getting interviews) or Joe ‘my opinion is the only valid one in all matters, even when I’m wrong, and I threaten to shut my blog down every 6 months’ Sawards.

        This site was (and remains) a real breath of fresh air compared to others out there. If one of the sports Golden Boys acted like a spoilt child, it was called as such – no driver of team was immune. That level of integrity is something we’ll miss without your posts.

        Here’s hoping your adios isn’t final and the honour can once again take his rightful seat when time allows.

        • You might not like the site/person and you certainly don’t know said site/person you are talking about and for sure not the facts, the site/person you talking about have and can boost of having one of the highest number visitors of all formula one sites on the internet.

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