#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Bahrain 2016 Qualifying expectations


The crew discuss what they think will be the biggest surprise with the continuation of the knockout qualifying in Bahrain.

5 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Bahrain 2016 Qualifying expectations

  1. the biggest surprise will be in China, up to now Lulu has been sandbagging to mess with Nico’s head, and if you don’t believe me ask the boys at SKY, in China Mercedes is going to bring update to make car better suit Lulu, gold chain around air box, diamonds studs in rear-view mirrors and “still I rise” on the side pots. That is all what those in the picture has been talking about.

    • Boring.
      If you’re just going to rip into a driver then at least up the creativity stakes and come up with something original…’gold chains and diamond studs’…0/10 for effort.
      Yet you ignore the one intriguing nugget in your post – that the team will bring to China a car more suited to his driving style. What could be different? Why would they operate in this manner? What is it about the current car that presents him with such difficulties? These are more interesting avenues of enquiry, and may spark off more conversations than some lazy name calling.
      However, if that doesn’t convince you then here are some more facile put-downs for some of the other drivers, feel free to use them. It may help with the whole’broken record’ thing you’ve got going on at the moment…
      Vettel_______Sausages, WWII,
      Verstappen__Marijuana, Prepubescence,
      Raikkonen___Vodka, Disengagement,
      Alonso______Machiavelli, Retirement,.

  2. Lulu was up to before his last run in qualifying swabagging, all those ridiculous clothes, chains and earrings are adding a fair amount of weight to his WO7.
    the bull feels the cold through his horns.

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