#TJ13 #F1 Poll – Will Alonso retire before season end?


So with the news that Stoffel Vandoorne will be subbing in for Alonso for the Bahrain GP this weekend plus today’s news that China’s in doubt. Rumours are circulating yet again about Fernando’s retirement.

So I put it to you the jury, will he retire before the end of the season?

17 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Poll – Will Alonso retire before season end?

    • “are you going to retire” “no, I am a world champion, you ended-up a commentator because you are not world champion” PROSIT FERDIE.

  1. It is almost criminal that the top driver of the past ten or so years(no apologies to the fanbois) has won so few titles. If McLaren can build a competitive car under next years regulations then I would wager that Alonso will want to give it one last shot.

    • Flávio ain’t around no more to bully everyone into thinking Alonso is god like. That air of invincibility he had, faded years ago.

      Karma is really a MOFO!

  2. I have had a feeling about Alonso’s future for a while… if you look on the McLaren website and touch the Jenson drop down menu it has all the new season kit featuring Jenson, if you look under Fernando, all there is is last years kit ‘on sale’ not a sign of this years kit, also they are featuring Jenson and his car in the adverts, which is very different to last year. This is all very tenuous I know, but I have a feeling something is afoot.

  3. No way in hell he’ll retire.
    He’s hungrier than most of the guys on the grid.
    Also ready to prove he’s better than all of them, with only 2 titles to show, while Vettel and now Hamilton have more.
    Being top class driver in a competitive car is matter of luck as much as anything else.
    I think he feels he was unlucky so many times, so he’ll wait few more years to get his luck.

  4. That elusive 3rd title will continue to elude him. I don’t think he’ll retire before the season ends or after it ends, but I can see him doing so at the end of his contract.

    • yes, but the boys at SKY says he should, remember that he was never and is not one of ours.

      • Boys at SKY are a bunch of morons! Notice not one of them are saying the same about Jenson or Massa?

  5. Currently the most outstanding driver in F1. Pah, the accident was without a shadow of a doubt, Alonso’s fault. Had it been Lewis Hamilton, we would never hear the last of it. Time to go Fred, before you cause another, bigger accident.

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