Matt’s Presser Notebook: Team Personnel Edition, Montreal

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in FIA Press Conferences looked at slightly irreverently  

Ever wonder what the drivers and team principals really think at the pressers? Wonder if the Telly left anything out? Now you can find out yourself in the all new #TJ13 Feature Presser Notebook ready for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Like technical documents, too, but can’t find them anymore on the FIA site? Worry not, just check out the #TechF1 series published before each Grand Prix, right here on #TJ13.

Drivers Presser Grand Prix of Canada


6 responses to “Matt’s Presser Notebook: Team Personnel Edition, Montreal

  1. Is it possible that Matthew Carter of Lotus is the only person in F1 who really understands that final paragraph? Such thinking is certainly well above the head of the Greedy Dwarf.

  2. While the strategy grope has achieved exactly SFA, I hope the axing of it doesn’t happen too quickly. BCE was instrumental in setting it up and I feel he is reading the tea leaves and is moving to create distance now. Esp. after Septic’s demise.

  3. Interesting to see McLaren suggest no podiums in 2015, just like 2014 wins were initially guaranteed seems the ore season bravado is starting fade, (but honest now we have the engineering team sorted and would be winning with a major rule change :-)). Always great to hear JA, dicking around with squashy tyres is time wasting indeed, explains maybe why Esteban was hired, to do the dicking around in the simulator!
    Top quote again to Graeme, it’s not a criticism, it’s an observation, too many people take observations personally!

  4. In the tragicomedy department, who needs Mansoor Ijaz when you have our very own Paddy Lowe?

  5. How silly was that question for Williams: ‘You are doing twice as good as last season and punching way above your weight, so….how are you going to turn things around?’

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