Hamilton and Scherzinger reunion rumours

ticketsThe roller coaster relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Sherzinger, has been attributed by insiders as the reason for previous periods of erratic behaviour by the current F1 champion.

May fans of Hamilton breathed a sigh of relief earlier this year, when both Lewis and Nicole declared their relationship had finally run its course.

Lewis then posted pictures post the break up in which he was clearly “doing fine” despite losing the once love of his life. The couple un-followed each other on twitter, something which had not happened during previous ‘break’s’ Lewis and Nicole had taken from their romantic involvement.

Last month Hamilton was asked directly about whether he would be affected by the break up. “Of course, in the previous years it has been the case where it’s affected my life in general.

“Last year, I adopted, maybe the word is a mental attitude, that was impenetrable.

“But I feel that I still carry that kind of mentality from last year and whilst it’s not been easy, I feel stronger than ever.

“Having been in this position before, I don’t feel that it’s going to be a problem.”

Hamilton is riding high after winning three of the first four races this year, and paddock pundits have repeatedly commented on how refreshed Lewis looks and is ‘at ease with himself’, even visibly playful.

However, celeb spotters believe there may be ANOTHER reunion occurring between Lewis and Nicole. The have not attended the same event since their break up, but both were spotted last night in Las Vegas.

Both posted similar style instagram pictures of their tickets within minutes of each other, and Hamilton’s picture showed he was wearing the ring Nicole gave to him.

Hamilton and Sherzinger have not attended the same public event since their break up, so both being at the ‘fight of the century’ in Vegas was bound to fuel speculation that their relationship is back on.

This could well be just a case of both Lewis and Nicole being part of the big crowd there to see Floyd Mayflower dominate Manny Pacquiao. For Hamilton supporters, this Mayweather performance bears resemblance to how they believe Lewis is currently dominating teammate Nico Rosberg.

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    • I thought he was giving Pac-man dancing lessons the way he hugged him and ran all the time. But, lets face it, its impossible to fight an American, in America, and win, unless its a knockout.

      • It’s called boxing, not street fighting. If that’s what people wanted to see, then pitch a tent outside a local pub/bar or club when it’s closing time or watch the UFC.

      • I always assumed a knockout was required to draw with an american boxer.

    • Like an amateur is a bit strongly put and doesnt do justice to the the skills of Pacquiao. In fact Pacquiao is the lion of the two, coming to fight. Mayweather had a very smart gameplan which he could stick to, an amazing fighter as well, but I like the Pacquiao style way better though.

  1. What, was Lewis a virgin before NS??? It’s as if, when it comes to NS, he completely lacks perspective.

    • You are aware you’re basing that on hearsay and rumours concocted by the media, which in itself is based on yet more hearsay and rumour? It’s pretty much a convoluted game of Chinese whispers that no-one really cares about. That’s why the tabloids/magazines like Heat and OK! are looked upon with such disdain by most people.

      I don’t have any feelings on the subject either way but if we’re talking perspective it’s worth bearing in mind that virtually nothing written about the relationships of any celebrities really seems to have any truth to it. If it does, it’s probably just luck along the lines of throwing enough mud at the wall until some of it sticks.

  2. Any story on the subject of F1 would have been preferable to this! Come on TJ13 please leave out the tabloid rubbish.

  3. Did anyone try to read the ticket numbers from the Lewis picture and the Nicole picture, the seating positions would be interesting. Similar to the snowmobile pics a few winters ago. Individual pics with the same rented snowmobile.

    • You could see the seat number in one of Lewis’ tix, but for some reason Scherzinger cut-off the seat# portion of her ticket.

      While this story sources celebrity tabloids, and that world, it’s very relevant to smart F1 fans because when LH and NS were together, LH’s on-track performances were more erratic, and when NS is not around, he has been more focused, less erratic.

      Before I learned here about NS also being at that fight in Vegas this weekend, I had already noticed that Hamilton has recently spent more time in Los Angeles, per his twitter account. Because I buy into the NS + LH = lessor F1 performance by LH theory, it makes me nervous when I see him out here (I live in SoCal myself).

      In addition, I noticed that Hamilton was wearing an interesting, unusual hat at the fight Saturday night. Here in the states, one of the popular reality programs is “The Voice”, which features amateur singers being coached by professionals in a competition. One of the professionals on that show is Pharrell Williams. Pharrell has an eclectic style which often features interesting, unusual hats. Lewis’ hat at the fight reminded me of that style, but I didn’t think much more of that till I came here and saw this article. I then noticed from Scherzinger’s IG account that before going to Vegas she had visited the set of that show, “The Voice” and had met Pharrell and other folks there.

      So, as a fan of Lewis’ driving, I hope that NS and LH are not back together.

      Thanks Judge for sharing this story, btw.

      • I didn’t want to comment on this story, because I found it irrelevant, but here goes….

        Lewis was with her last year and his driving wasn’t erratic nor did it look like it was a distraction. The only time she was seen at any of the races, was Abu Dhabi. Same can be said for his driving in 2012/10/9 & 8

        Apart from 2011, there’s no further evidence which supports the claim that being with her has affected how he performs on track.

        You’d have also noticed that whilst Lewis was in LA with a bunch of his friends (Rita Ora) and driving around with his brother, she was in Hawai. Lewis also spent a few days in the UK doing promotion work for the team on the same day of the fight. She visited the set of The Voice before she went to Hawai.

        There’s too trying to be made out of this. So because they’re not together, they can’t be in the same place together at the same time? This story is similar to one that was published here a few months back when he was spotted coming out of a charity event put on by Naomi Campbell and he was seen with Ronaldo’s ex. This is a non-story, because anybody with a famous name was going to be at the fight.

        You noticed who he sat next to at the fight?….

        Now give me my hamfosi sticker!!!

        • “You’d have also noticed……” No, I wouldn’t because I’m not a Hamilton stalker and really don’t give a sh*t about what he does or who he hangs with; I have a life of my own.

          • Unless I’m mistaken, I could’ve sworn I was commenting on Vortex Motio’s post?

          • And I was commenting on your post and your obsession. I mean, come on Fortis, do you really track Hamilton that closely, so you know where he goes and who he sees?

        • Just like Coco and Roscoe, Nicole was brought ‘under control’ in 2014.

          Fortis – You just have to accept some things are not in the wider public domain.

        • Wasn’t aware of who he has hanging out with in LA.

          I won’t agree with you on your assessment of whether or not NS was a distraction that affected his racing performance, but glad you filled in some detail here on their respective schedules! Thanks for that!

  4. Have times really gotten this desperate on the news front? I look forward to hearing about Jenson’s new diet next week!

  5. Judge ,
    what’s changed? Something has – there must be a reason for the increasing sensationalism in the articles posted as well as the frequency of such articles. I might be relatively new to the comments , but I have been visiting your site for some while. Is there some link between sponsorship and clicks? To be honest it smacks of desperation to try and increase site traffic – anyway, whatever the reason, please go back to the sort of well written and informative articles that you used to post as they were much better.

    • …it helps pass the time whilst waiting for a proper story to appear, which isn’t easy when there’s a 3 week break between races.
      And they wonder why audience numbers tail off… Back-to-backers save a bit of money, and inject a bit of energy into a season, but 3 or 4 week gaps in the calendar just mean that the championship loses momentum and, consequently, viewers.

        • While we’re on the subject, does anyone have the data for the Sky vs. BBC viewing figures for the first four races? (primarily in the UK, but any PPV vs. FTA comparison data is welcome)

          • (Average/Peak)

            BBC 3.83m / 5.31m
            Sky 0.64m / 0.95m

            China (highlights BBC)
            BBC 2.97m / ?
            Sky 0.672m / ?

            BBC 2.03m / 3.23m
            Sky 0.473m / 0.72m

            Aus (highlights BBC)
            BBC 3.03m / 3.38m
            Sky 0.659m / 0.789m

          • @Not606f1
            So Sky averages around 0.65m, BBC about 3m.
            So far.

  6. Man I can’t believe you all fell for this. So as Sheldon Cooper says….


  7. ‘For Hamilton supporters, this Mayweather performance bears resemblance to how they believe Lewis is currently dominating teammate Nico Rosberg.’

    For Hamilton supporters? or for those who experience F1 through a filter of opportunities to celebrate the champions impending doom or fall from grace lol

    or maybe for click bait merchants who like to bite the hand that feeds them out of a permanent feeling of butthurt

    Whatever – This is truly a new low for F1 and perfectly captures its decent into WWE style farce

    When sports commentators apparently not censored by the establishment actually write articles where the focus is not on how the biggest boxing match recently mirrors the whipping the F1 champ is administering to his teammate but on how the champ was in the audience along with his ex and a host of other celebs

    Tittilation for rednecks in the cheap seats is to not watch the boxing and instead jeer at the champs gf and entourage

    deep stuff!!

    p.s. Pac was carrying an injury and bravely put up a fight, unlike Nico lol

    • Mayweather also claimed he was injured – both arms and hands – yet he systematically took Pac apart in clinical fashion – one punch at a time, round by round breaking down his opponent who had no answer and Pac was mentally finished in the final rounds of the fight.

      It was probably the finest display of boxing for thirty years.

      • “he systematically took Pac apart in clinical fashion – one punch at a time, round by round breaking down his opponent who had no answer and Pac was mentally finished in the final rounds of the fight.”…..

        Exactly judge. That’s why it puzzles me how people complain that all Mayweather did was run and hold on to Pac. He looked completely shell shocked after the fight, like he couldn’t believe what just happened to him.

        As Lennox Lewis said after the fight…

        “Mayweather turned up, but Manny didn’t have a plan B, C or D”

        • ‘He looked completely shell shocked after the fight, like he couldn’t believe what just happened to him.’

          more like he couldnt believe how much a ref can affect proceedings by his interpretation of certain rules
          admittedly, he did get a comprehensive education in the ‘strategic’ approach and made the other guy look too good without providing us the promised punch up

        • “That’s why it puzzles me how people complain that all Mayweather did was run and hold on to Pac.” Because this fight was incredibly hyped, and therefore, attrackted a large audience of casual viewers. These viewers are people who don’t really know boxing and thus couldn’t appreciate what they saw. They probably expected the raw energy of a Mike Tyson fight. Plus, Mayweather is disliked by a lot of people, so they tuned in to watch him loose. They were annoyed when he didn’t.

      • To add to injuries… Years ago, when Mayweather had his contract with HBO for the first time he let people in on all his prep for fights. This included daily treatment for acute arthritis in his hands. This intense ailment was responsible for Floyd’s drop off in power but made him even more aware of the importance of honing his boxing – opposed to fighting – skills.

  8. I liked Mercedes-Benz engines since I was young too. I think Susie and Danica have a better chance of participating in a GP before Carmen does.

    • There is also Simona de Silvestro. She was also part of the Sauber drivers’ brouhaha beginning with Sergei Sirotkin and ending with Giedo van der Garde. If the stars align, she would get a 2nd shot at an F1 car…

      • If can get a reserve drive position with one of the big teams, I think that she may have a chance. One of the smaller teams may just utilize her as eye candy and for any sponsorship money that she may bring with her.

  9. 1) Anything about Hamilton seems to generate a lot of comments.
    2) Mariah Carey was at the fight too, so was there a threesome likely?

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