F1 circuit to be built in Iran


Last week, US secretary of state, John Kerry, extended his stay in Switzerland as talks continue to reach agreement with Iran over their nuclear programme. A deal to curb the scope of Iran’s nuclear ambitions is believed to be inching close and in return there could be relief on current international sanctions.

Co-incidentally, the Iranian Vice President and Head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, now claims that Iran is planning to build a Formula 1 circuit.

“Formula 1 has a great future in Iran”, said Masoud. His rationale is based upon the fact that there are now many young people in Iran who are now driving more and more frequently.

Qeshm Island is to be the location for the planned circuit. Soltanifar claimed it “has the potential to become one of the world’s most beautiful formula 1 destination”.

FOM sell Formula One to potential host countries as a means for developing tourism and raising their nations international profile.

Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, it is not at present a tourist destination central, though it’s rocky coastline and spectacular mountainous interior could see the expansion of the small coastal villages to accommodate tourism. Qeshm is also a duty free zone.

21 responses to “F1 circuit to be built in Iran

  1. Did you forget to run this April 1? Bernie in his wildest and craziest dreams…well, maybe he would have.

  2. Well if F1 is going to have a race Australia, then why not Iran?

    (Smiley/Winky emoji with a tongue-in-cheek disingenuity and a hint of shit-stirring)

    • Oh I do love my Baklava! My mother makes me a whole tray every now and then…

    • I love the layers of fail in this. Iranian women actually wear a Hijab, Burka’s are very, very rare there.

    • Gotta say that your view of social norms and customs of Iran are seriously out of date. Women of Iran have far more freedom than say women of Saudi Arabia and other Arabian peninsula countries. In Iran, women drive cars, travel on their own, and wearing a simple headscarf is considered formal enough for most occasions. Iran’s Christians can drink alcohol legally.

  3. I wonder how that is going to be accomplished with all the trade sanctions against Iran. And even if some of those are being lifted because of the new nuclear agreement I can’t imagine it would be easy or go smooth.

    Is the Iranian GP going to be named as the replacement of Monza? ;-P

    • I suspect Azerbaijan and Iran will alternate the European GP each year… Until, of course, Syria joins the fun, and every third year we’ll see the European GP hosted… well, what do you know, in Europe it seems.

      /Me patiently waiting when China gets European status… 🙂

    • Its only a matter of time before Islamic State are being touted as potential hosts.

  4. I quite like the idea. It’s not that we have a desert race with no audience as it is now. So we could use one.

  5. Unfortunately this may in fact come true. Look at Hungarian Grand prix and the background around that.

  6. Forgive me, I completely forgot about the Venezuelan GP where their sponsored driver can strut his stuff. I wonder if the people who earn less in a year than a ticket price will be happy when their national treasure bins it on the first lap. Balls.

    • The Venezuelan gp was cancelled due to the estimated # of traffic collisions on the roads prior to the event.

  7. Unfortunately we are more likely to see the US Geological Survey recording earth tremors related to Nuclear tests than Iran having a Grand Prix.

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