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McLaren back to iconic red and white?

New Job for Adrian Sutil

Door shut for Hamilton?

McLaren back to iconic red and white?

strip_1322As you may have noticed by the absence of the Daily News and Comments, lately news have been very slow. That is why I met up with an elderly lady today, who read my palms… err paws.

On February 1st Ron Dennis of McLaren fame announced via Twitter that the 2015 livery of the MP4-30 will change, but he declined to say when. Latest rumours suggest, this time is now and that the cars from Woking might return to the iconic red and white colours from its Marlboro sponsored days. McLaren have issued a poster showing both the current and the legendary 80s livery accompanied by the slogan “The return of a legend”. Word on the street is, that the initiative originated with Honda.

What this also would mean, there is still no title sponsor for the Woking squad.


New Job for Adrian Sutil

11187133_10206653623676921_4292852018583946876_o No, he won’t be cleaning glasses in a Barcelona bar, and he won’t be driving in FP1 either. That privilege goes to Mrs. Wolff. Adrian Sutil will stand in for Marc Surer as Sky Germany’s co-commentator and TV expert in Spain. Surer, who raced for Brabham and Arrows in the 80s is still recovering from falling off a horse. An yes, it was a real horse.


Door shut for Hamilton?

z1428741043If you hear a sound right now, it might be a very big sigh of relief from Honduras. The delightful Vivian Bove will be glad to hear that the chances of Lewis Hamilton in red have rapidly fallen and not only because rumours have been bandied about that Ferrari have allegedly signed a preliminary agreement with Valtteri Bottas.

That would however likely be for 2017, since Maurizio Arrivabene insists that he wants Kimi for 2016. I’m sure of that. As long as he keeps driving as good as he does this year, we will definitely extend his contract. And the pure speed is only one thing. I like how he works with Sebastian [Vettel]. They even travel together. That’s a component that influences our decision.”

There go Mark Webbers chances for a return…

On the topic of Lewis Hamilton Arrivabene’s stance is quite clear. “Why would I need Lewis Hamilton when I already have Sebastian Vettel? We already have two world champions. If I were to change something, I’d look for a younger driver and let him go up against Seb.”

Someone like, say, Valtteri Bottas?


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  1. One of the annoyances of the current season is too many grey and silver cars. Mercedes, McLaren, and Force India are sometimes hard to tell apart. I think I haven’t learned yet how to distinguish FI from McLaren just looking at the nose sections. The McLaren livery is the biggest disappointment. Talk about “designed by committee”. We need more colors. It’s great that Sauber abandoned a similar livery and went with blue color this year.

  2. “If I were to change something, I’d look for a younger driver and let him go up against Seb.”.

    Odd statement, does that imply Kimi is not free to go up against Seb?

    I still believe Kimi has the legs of Seb in race trim, have been looking forward to seeing the 2 battle for position on track, must I keep dreaming?

    • You’re reading more between the lines than there is. The info here is that, whenever Kimi leaves, he won’t be replaced with another multiple world champion but a younger driver.

      • Wouldn’t want no one to come in and challenge Seb now do they. So why not bring in someone who’s happy to be subservient. …… 😜😜😜

          • Let’s be honest Hippo, Seb wouldn’t want Lewis to join the team only to beat him. It would put an end to Arrivabene waxing lyrical about Sebastian as he has been doing for what feels like an eternity now.

    • Hi Marek,

      Good question!

      Marlboro Man’s statement is significant because the meaning is that Ferrari may shop for a young gun for one of their two seats. They’ve favored more established, seasoned drivers till now (in recent history anyway).

  3. If McLaren goes back to the red and white livery, wouldn’t that be like give free advertising to Marlboro?

    • Probably not. Sounds like it’s just a different shade of grey that’s less reflective with go faster McLaren Red stripes.

  4. β€œWhy would I need Lewis Hamilton when I already have Sebastian Vettel?…who can veto a move for Hamilton?”

    • “Why would I need Lewis Hamilton when I already have Sebastian Vettel?”

      Sounds like Ferrari tried to get Lewis and failed. So in the long-practiced tradition of team principals sanctifying what they’re stuck with, Arrivabene pretends that he didn’t want Lewis anyway. Funny.

  5. The ‘Return of a Legend’ is more likely related to the appearance of Senna in holographic form (think Tupac and Michael Jackson) for a Tag Heuer event scheduled in Barcelona and widely publicised: http://m.smh.com.au/sport/motorsport/ayrton-senna-to-be-recreated-as-a-hologram-to-celebrate-mclaren-formula-1-teams-partnership-with-tag-heuer-20150429-1mvqcs.html

    It’s known that McLaren are due to change their livery for Barcelona, but it’s likely only to be ditching any chrome and having more grey.

  6. What’s the news on Hamilton’s contract?
    Any legs on Mosley comment? I heard Sauber is eager.
    Ditto Maric and want to see Kimi have podiums higher than Seb before he leaves.

  7. “We already have two world champions. If I were to change something, I’d look for a younger driver and let him go up against Seb.”

    Interesting statement in its implications. They had 2 world champions before Seb arrived, providing the type of results you would expect from 1 heavyweight plus 1 lesser or junior number 2.

    Yet since Seb arrived (costing more than the previous wages of Alonso and Kimi combined) – the results are more like that of a pair of WDCS who are evenly matched – a situation Ferrari historically do not like

    So this statement implies Ferrari need to help Seb out by providing a teammate who is still learning and wont match him as Kimi is doing when he can be bothered. As Bottas is barely beating Massa, who Ferrari know all about, Bottas would be a perfect ‘support teammate’ unlike say, Webber who could forget the small print once in a while

    • I would say your comment implies you’re talking bollocks, to be honest. What Arrivabene says is, they already have two guys and that a major part of the decision to keep Kimi is, that he works well with Seb and the two get along just fine – something that would definitely not happen with Lewis aboard, who has way too much of a predilection for mind games for that to work.

      So if anything the implication is that they would go for someone for the future. Seb has nothing to do with that decision. It’s amazing through how many hoops some people willingly jump to contrive something to talk down Vettel.

      • I didnt hear him saying they are keping Kimi because he gets on with Seb, I heard him say they are keeping Kimi dangling to ensure he performs as he did last race (beating Seb handily) – if they were to replace him for not performing surely they should want an upgrade to someone who can match Seb, not a younger unproven guy.
        If he did say they are keeping Kimi because Seb feels comfortable then that kinda confirms they dont want Lewis as Seb would not be comfortable – on track
        Cant eat a cake after having it

          • So why havent they signed Kimi for next season? The travelling on planes together is confirmed, the speed – what Im talking about obviously isnt or they would sign right now. So my point remains – if they are dangling the contract to ensure he performs they would only replace him with a proven driver.
            To now say they only need 1 proven driver means Seb is not enjoying being beaten by Kimi and would prefer a Bottas/Massa over a Lewis

          • Has it ever appeared possible to you that Arrivabene doesn’t want Lewis, because he knows that having two alpha males in the team doesn’t work unless they are close friends like Kimi and Seb? They wanted Lewis or Seb last year, spoke to both. Lewis was happy where he was, Seb was available and had an out-clause. They did want one of them, not both at the same time, because two top drivers has not worked since Fangio and Moss.

            Why do you assume that it is Seb, who ‘vetoes’ Lewis. There is absolutely nothing to support that claim. You simply made it up. No driver since Senna in his Lotus days had a contractual right to decide on his team mate. People like Prost, Schumacher etc might have had the right to offer their opinion but in the end the team, and Ferrari in particular, are bigger than the driver. If they still wanted Lewis they’d contract him, no matter what Vettel wants.

          • @hippo….

            Did Seb not say that contact was first made to Ferrari in 08 about a possible move and during that time he had secret meetings with them?

            So signing him was always top of their list.

  8. While I do appreciate you, Hippo (Fat, one (1) each), you don’t have the oddly implemented and somewhat obscure humor of The Mole who used to comment on F1 with the assist of his four (4) Penelopes. Does anyone know if he is still out there writing? He seemed to disappear a few years back, and I have been unable to find him.

  9. It happens once in a blue moon, but I actually agree with Hippo in all his arguments around Arrivabene’s quotes. Ferrari (in its recent years) have been winning when they had a good, old-fashioned policy of no 1 and 2 status of its drivers. They know that this is the environment that Schumacher excelled (having the team wrapped around him), they tried it with Alonso (and almost worked) and now they want to do it again with Vettel (because it worked at RBR).

    Hamilton is a different case. He’s a bit like Senna (not saying he’s Senna) in the sense he doesn’t care about no 1 status and he can get fixated in wanting to prove to himself he’s the best by going against all other roosters in the hen house. He did it against Alonso and he’d likely want it against Vettel.

    I agree with Hippo that Ferrari probably approached both last year but only Vettel was available. Since Vettel wouldn’t like Hamilton in the other car and Ferrari would want to keep the no 1 status both Vettel and the team would operate well that way, why bother with signing Hamilton. Kimi is at his end of his career, he knows Vettel, and he’s not the uber-competitive animal in a team. So the risk was low. That’s why a good younger driver would work for Ferrari.

    I think the musings of Hamilton to Ferrari were all part of the game around Hamilton’s contract negotiations. Having said that, it may also have been informal talks about a potential future move if the Vettel experiment doesn’t work out.

  10. I think Hamilton is in a stronger negotiating position the longer this plays out. Time waits for no man and if Hamilton can secure a third WDC with Mercedes and then try to attain a forth with Ferrari that would be a remarkable achievement.

  11. Hamilton wont join Ferrari because of money. It just doesn’t make financial sense to have two drivers with massive pay packets. The only possibility is if Hamilton takes a pay cut to have a shot at winning a WDC with Ferrari but given how contract negotiations have dragged on with Mercedes, money is clearly important to him.

    As for Kimi, dump him! His history of on-off performance means he can lose interest at any time. Sure he is a fan favourite but that shouldn’t impact the decision – but it probably does. They should have put in JEV last year.

    Of the current crop Grosjean is the best candidate – he has matured. Bottas and Hulk should be next in line but there inability to crush Massa and Perez is a concern. But I guess if they are hired as #2 then they are fine.

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