Matt’s F1 Tech Report: Friday PU Count, Bahrain

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in FIA Technical Documents looked at slightly irreverently  

Not sure if you like technical documents but are curious? Why not start here and play a little PU poker. Wonder who’s most at risk of a grid penalty for too many engines? You have come to the right place. Enjoy. Like technical documents and want more, but can’t find them anymore on the FIA site? Worry not, just check out the #TechF1 series published before each Grand Prix, right here on #TJ13.

Friday PU Count:



12 responses to “Matt’s F1 Tech Report: Friday PU Count, Bahrain

  1. Sorry but the comments in green, blue and red are, well perhaps they can be dropped. Thanks.

    • Those comments (and the markers) are what makes Matt’s notebooks the most worthwhile! If you feel them distracting, then you may as well fetch the raw FIA documents on its website and trundle through them at will…

      • Yeah, that’s kinda the whole point of the article…TJ13 is about providing daily news roundup, inside whispers, thoughts, and opinion. – Check the top of the page.
        Maybe the comments by Oliver Wells can be dropped instead.

  2. Off topic, but seriously Judge, do a bunch of people a favor and put up at session time converter. USED to have a ‘convert to local time’ converter, but since their ‘UPGRADE’ that is no longer available damn them to hell. So for me to figure out when the qualie session is, I have to go to, find the time of the session, go to a time zone converter, subtract the time zone of the race from my time zone, go back to and check the session time, do some (not difficult, I admit) 24 hour/day arithmetic, and finally understand that the qualie for Bahrain is at 5:00 am Pacific time USA and I will not get up that early so shove it…… please put up some sort of session time thingy and a time zone converter. Please. I beg you……

    • Gomer, Quali @ 1800 Local time = 1100 EDT = 0800 PDT. Depending on your predilections not necessarily too bad. OR else quali report gonna be epic late, LOL

      • Popping the beer even as we speak, so to speak…….or something. Still, it would be great to have some time reference. I find myself constantly yelling at my wife that FOM/Bernie is stupid and shouldn’t have gotten rid of the time converter … and whatever and other stuff. Thanks Bernie (not). And thanks Matt. But before sending this off to the Interwebs the thought occurs to me: what is Bernie really thinking about; I mean, WTF? Seriously, the guy is 84 years old, so he is going to die soon. Why can’t we, who are (relatively) young enjoy a bit of racing? I really don’t get it. Bernie, please go away or, at a minimum, explain.

        • “Why can’t we, who are (relatively) young enjoy a bit of racing? I really don’t get it.”

          You will get it when you get old enough…

          What do grumpy, intransigent old people most enjoy to do to youngsters? Piss ’em off! Why, you ask? Because they can! 🙂 And because reputation is an increasingly fading concern for them…

          So surprised be not that Grandpa Bernie enjoys messing up with all around him. Also for Bernard it’s one last time that he can show a feat of strength, wielding power over the underlings. He will no doubt enjoy every single bit of it…

    • I still see the time converter in the Formula 1 official site. I have a hundred other problems with the site but not that one. Weird.

  3. Now that Matt has his own little corner on TJ13 all that is left is to give him some time on the podcast, preferably at least 5 min without complaints from SpannersReady that tech stuff is boring. And don’t forget Matt if you have to just gag Spanners with pages 1-10 of the FIA tech regulations if he refuses to give you your 5 min of uninterrupted tech news on the podcast ;-P

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