Hamilton eying up Ferrari rumours grow


To Ferrari, or not to Ferrari? That is the question the paddock is obsessed with. Such is its verve that Jenny Gow of the BBC describes the area to the rear of the garages – which is lit like Disneyland lit up by fairy lights – as like a “Women’s Institute” meeting.

Ferrari were quickest in FP1, one of the few sessions this season Mercedes have been deposed from the top spot. Of course the budding bromance of Vettel and Raikkonen would be over were Lewis to arrive in 2016.

Lewis has been silent on the matter so far this weekend, however, Niki Lauda dismisses the Lewis to Ferrari stating “he can’t”.

The problem for Lewis is that if he announces he is off to Maranello next year, then the Mercedes team will clearly favour Rosberg in this year’s title race and Hamilton would have to be excluded from technical development information.

On the matter of Lewis’ contract extension, Niki Lauda claims, “It’s all going in the right pace. There’s nothing wrong. It is basically sorted out, no more discussions. It is sorted out. It just needs to get signed.

“For me it’s out of the way because it’s done. An announcement, I don’t care. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Interestingly Lauda floundered somewhat questioned as to whether Hamilton was considering a move to Ferrari. “No, he can’t,” claimed Lauda. “We all agreed he’s driving, he agreed, we agreed, that’s it. Simple.”

Despite Niki’s protestations, in the world of Formula One as Sauber demonstrated, even a contract is not worth the paper it’s written on – and right now – Mercedes do not even have that.

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  1. Turned out GvdGs contract was worth quite a bit more than the paper it was written on. There’s always cost for tearing up a contract and the cost is usually even bigger than the price.

  2. Ted Kravitz said that Ferrari are looking to exercise their option on Kimi’s contract for 2016

    • I think also, with Hamilton’s comment about Vettel and Alonso having no. 1 status in their contracts, that there might be a veto in Vettel’s contract, at least as far as 2016 is concerned. Although with anything like that, if it exists and if Ferrari broke it, what would Vettel do about it? Going public with something like that you’re guaranteed to lose face.

      Apparently Bernie had Lewis in for talks in Bahrain, so who knows what’s cooking in the background.

  3. Ahh, who knows? Would like to see him alongside Vettel. Has Clear even started at Ferrari yet? He’d be able to tell Marchionne/Arrivabene/Allison if the package could go quicker with Lewis in it.

    The limited history of the Lauda/Lowe/Wolff (alphabetically ordered so as not to ruffle any feathers) led Merc team, is that expiring contracts are renewed at Monaco, and formally signed just before the summer break.

  4. Sign a one year contract. Kimi can do one more year at Ferrari. Then move over as Mercedes implodes and Ferrari takes over.

    • I suspect thats the issue, Merc want to tie him down, he wants an option out if by season end this year/early next year Ferrari are where its at… then he’s not stuck at merc until 2018

    • Sounds very unlikely that Merc would let him sign a one year deal. Most deals would be 3 years I think. Perhaps the ‘fine detail’ they are going back and forth on is the exit clauses. Hamilton knows he is in a strong position and wants to make the most of that, especially if Ferrari are getting stronger again. Then again, Ferrari have been know to make huge payments to buy out contracts (Kimi anyone?)

  5. tj13… I’d like to ask you a question, privately. It concerns a potential investigative article – or, at least a commentary. If you would, please contact me at: Thank you.

  6. The tifosi hinted their appreciation of Hamilton’s talents last year so anything is possible. What would be amazing for him would be to have 3 WDC’s with three different teams. I doubt however this will occur at present. Why bite the hand that feeds you at this early stage in any case.

    • There was a Red Bull that followed Hamilton as well. I guess because the angle that Raikkonen went around the Sauber was more extreme, and the Sauber was further back (i.e. closer to their garage) at the time Kimi went around them. Have to watch it during qualifying … all the bottom teams are bunched at the end of the pit lane, with only 3 garage “units” each.

      • Lewis wasn’t given a reprimand because he was not summoned by the stewards, the message displayed was incorrect.

  7. The issue to me is quite clear,and Hamilton has eluded to it when he said he knows his value…Lewis is by far the biggest F1 celebrity,most popular,most marketable and most stylish.Lewis therefore wants being the highest paid driver to reflect that ,and also to add to his brand narrative.
    The amount a team wants to pay to you reflects your value to them and more importantly how much they respect you and your value.
    when Lewis sees what monetary value Ferrari placed on Vettel , Mclaren breaking the bank to pay Alonso,some one he beat 6yrs ago,while incidentally they Mclaren were giving the same grudging vibes and talking points to pay Lewis his value at the time,its seem as DEJAVU all over again.

    The impass is very obvious to me,Lewis is saying he wants to stay with the team long term but that commitment has to be reflect his current market value and that of that of the other top guys.Its makes no sense singing a 3yr contract at below what the other top 2 guys are making,thats madness.

    Lewis is saying so you dont want to match my value,then I ll do a short term deal with option to leave…….so me how much you value me,because I know how much Im valued

  8. I sure hope that Kimi gets one more year with the pizza makers. Yes, I’m biased and can’t stand Hamilton…which reminds me: I would love to be a fly on the wall when he has to read through all the legalese crap and multiple contract drafts. Rookie mistake to not leave that part of the process to experts, IMHO.

    • Not having an agent, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lawyer to read the fine print of his contract. The lawyer he can pay an hourly rate to, the agent he has to pay a percentage.

  9. LEWIS In RED Would Be A Dream Come True.

    The TIFOSI Give A Lifetime Of Respect To Any Charger That Truly Performs For Them – GILLES And NIGE Come To Mind.

    Let The F1 GODS Make It So.

    GO, 44 !

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