#F1 in Art: Echoes of a nearby future – Red Bull 2017

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Andries van Overbeeke

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In the first article of ‘Echoes of a nearby future‘, Andries explored the effect regulations have on creative designs. With a possible major revamp of the rules will we see the beasts unleashed once more?

Enjoy the mosaic below of the concept challenger for Red Bull in 2017.

10 responses to “#F1 in Art: Echoes of a nearby future – Red Bull 2017

  1. I have to say, it’s not as nice as the Williams concept car from a few weeks back. I really thought that design looked ‘mean’ these pictures are just too close to what we already have.

  2. They just look like what we had prior to the new Power Units with the mandated fixed position single tail pipe exhausts, all be it these designs are glossy and a bit sleeker looking.

    Tbh we need rules that balances out the engineering and Aerodynamics of the cars, so we get better racing i.e. reduce the need for DRS type gimmicks and put the onus on drivers to overtake properly. Guess I’m sounding a tad old fashioned.

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