#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #RussianGP

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently  

There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here

ThursdayTechPresserNaughty Step

Friday      – TechPresserNaughty Step

SaturdayTechPresserNaughty Step



From the Dept of Let’s Try Something New


Never seen that before


From the Dept of Counting All The Things


Let the Grid Penalties Commence


From the Dept of the Serious



No Jokes. Moment of reflection for the empty cockpit this weekend.


From the Dept of Take Care of Your Teeth






Rosberg’s gearbox check is the first I’ve  seen. Wonder why they did it now? *Conspiracy much*

Plus they’re getting into some pretty interesting bits of the gearbox.



From the Dept of Truth



Again, no jokes.


From the Dept of Russian PR



Big. Big and Concrete.. And Russian


From the Dept of Obvious Answers



Possibly some scenery. And decent restaurants for starters.


From the Dept of Risk Assessment


That would be a no.


From the Dept of Stop Playing with us, Seb



Now he’s just messing with our heads.


From the Dept of the Unspeakable



Oh wait. let me guess. Do you mean Ukraine? Why didn’t you just say so? Oh, ummm… nevermind.

From the Dept of Cyclingus Interruptus


Well, I have decided to focus my energies on having something to drive next year.

From the Dept of What if We Just Called It Something Different


Like LMP0.

From the Dept of You’re on the Right Track


Yes, The recovery vehicle. Because things do go wrong. And the marshals. Please don’t forget them.

From the Dept of Sponsorship


FA:”So I will be looking for sponsorship when LdM becames President of Alitalia”

SV: Maybe rare, but there have been other near misses through the years.



Naughty Step

From the Dept of Not Really Naughty


Really, not naughty.





From the Dept of Charlie Sez


Well, that cleared that right up


From the Dept of Shiny New Things




Looks like Vettel has gone to the Alonso school of Advanced Mathematics


From the Dept of More Shiny New Things




Vettel scraping the bottom of the parts bin.


From the Dept of They Did Have Enough Parts



contra Rumours. The car could run.


From the Dept of Expensive Shiny New Things




It’s getting to be that time of the season.



From the Dept of Mattiaci Has A Nice Side


Good Form in Bad Times.



From the Dept of Meaningful Gestures



‘Nuff Said


From the Dept of We Are Required to Say This



MM: Traction +Power = Another Bad Weekend

EB: Praise Russia (that’s whose paying us, right?)

FT: I will say anything, anytime to keep this job.


From the Dept of Gender Equity



LOL, your question is about 15 years too late. These days F1 is a Woman’s Fairy Tale, too.


From the Dept of Ridiculous Pandering Intellectual Nobbery.




I’m embarassed by this question. In NYC it would be “SO it doesn’t bother you to be here given what’s happening in the Ukraine. You do have a history of allowing your sport to be used as a tool for repressive regimes. And it’s convenient, but morally dubious, to hide behind the decision of your leaders and not think for yourselves.” This guy is a piker.


Naughty Step

From the Dept of Officially Noted



And approved


From the Dept of Actually Naughty





From the Dept of Mo Money




From the Dept of Raking it in





From the Dept of Municipal Coffers



+ 1000= 3100. Not Bad for a day’s haul.




From the Dept of Charlie Sez

CSatEvent1I guess it worked. No one got nabbed.


From the Dept of Shiny New Things




Clearly, the new TC made all the difference


From the Dept of Broken Things


Ouch, that’s going to make Vijay feel a little better though.



From the Dept of Silly Questions



Lewis actually laughed at the question before he answered it


From the Dept of Creativity


.You have to be pretty creative to answer a question like that

From the Dept of Breaking my Heart



But it was such a beautiful mistake.


From the Dept of Lewis Makes A Mistake



See, Lewis can make a mistake. Science was right.


From the Dept of Oh Yes, We’re Driving


All the top runners are struggling with these questions

From the Dept of Oh Please Let it Be True



But it won’t be.

From the Dept of Russia Love



Vlad would really, really like to know exactly how much. Repeatedly. On TV.

From the Dept of History



Someone call Carlo. Quick


From the Dept of Painful Truths



Valencia was boring. Here’s hoping Lewis is right.


Naughty Step

From the Dept of  OOOPS


Sounds like the pit lane *is* a bit tight, LOL


From the Dept of Makin Scratch



500 +


From the Dept of Expensive Shiny Things


OK, Vijay officially less happy now. Ron feeling better though.


From the Dept of Everybody’s Doing It



At least it evens up the odds in the Force India McLaren Fight.

From the Dept of Everybody Really Is Doing It



Complicated Grid Math this week



From the Dept of I’ll put something here if the Lazy-Ass FIA ever gets around to publishing it before the race







Naughty Step


From the Dept of it Ain’t Parc Ferme but at least it’s something


Well might as well get it over with.



Thanks Carlo for helping out with the new look!

11 responses to “#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #RussianGP

  1. “Again, no jokes.”

    I for one am a bit—for wont of a better word—saddened by the sudden outburst of support towards Jules. Now don’t get me wrong: I think the support that Jules is getting is very touching (when it comes from non-FOM sources, anyway).

    But the effectively anonymous Canadian marshal—Mark Robinson—who died a mere one year ago in 2013 didn’t get as much as a footnote from the F1 circus, let alone a fancy #ForzaJules or supporting stickers from drivers, or “We are all supporting you Jules” (or whichever hypocrisy that Bernard is printing on our TV screens this week). I mean in Canada that year we learned about the fatality more or less the next week; the podium went on unruffled, champagne was spilling and drivers were ecstatic…

    I get the distinct feeling that we got a disproportionately inexistent reaction to one human tragedy a year ago, while we got a disproportionately exuberant reaction to another human tragedy this year. It all kind of doesn’t really fit in my head, especially when thinking that last year we had several drivers killed or near killed in lower formulae. I don’t even know which formulae these were!!

  2. If this site is going to scan official FIA documents, can you please do a proper job so I read them.

    • Hey the guy gives up his time to take the pi$$ out of the FIA.

      If you feel your ability to comprehend is being compromised go to the FIA site and read them from there.

      Simples 🙂

      • By posting acres of unreadable scans, the ‘guy’ is only reinforcing the view of many that this site is an amateur vanity site, with a specific agenda of a) knocking the FIA and b) having a go at Lewis Hamilton at every opportunity.

        • OK, since you’re being obnoxious, let me put this differently for those with reading impairments.

          As was stated from the very beginning of this piece:
          “There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here”

          Right here is:

          Want the complete documents? Go and read there. Want the preprocessed version. Come read here. But don’t complain!

          “with a specific agenda of a) knocking the FIA and b) having a go at Lewis Hamilton at every opportunity.”

          Some authors for the site indeed tend to have anti-Lewis biases, but we the readers tend to hold them to account in the comments section for when things go haywire.

          As for “knocking the FIA”, this is not quite correct. In my view the agenda of this site is to avoid at all costs being sycophantic wrt the F1 world, and to hold accountable all those who behave sycophantically in the closed F1 universe. Although we often (commenters included) simply take the p*ss at the FIA, FOM, drivers or journalists, all this has to be read with a big provision of salt and what really matters is reading between the lines. However, we also tend to address constructive criticism to the concerned parties, be it FIA-related safety issues, or driver-related unacceptable on-track behavior, etc., etc.

          Other than periodic incidents of things going astray and people starting pissing contests and monkey shouting (I think once I saw feces throwing), the quality of the discussion here tends to be quite high, and much nicer than on other F1 forums. Also the quality of the information in display on TJ13 is much higher (and more prompt) than elsewhere, including the sycophanty Autosport who tends to write with one hand tied beneath the keyboard…

    • Hola Jonno, you are literally the first person to ever have a problem with reading the docs on the site that I am aware of. I do provide a link to the FIA, but you should know that they are .JPG files. You can double click them and open them in a second window. They should appear larger, though if you are on a mobile it may be down to how your system works.

      It is intensely frustrating when IT stuff doesn’t work properly and to a large extent we are stuck with WordPress and it’s system for the moment. It may also be that there is some incompatibility there as well.

      At any rate, if you would be so kind as to leave your device/OS/browser etc perhaps someone could offer a solution. I will be happy to ask around in addition..

      At any rate I can confirm the docs are readable on WIN7 Chrome/ iPad chrome/safari, Android KitKAt chrome.

      On my phone pinch and zoom works too. Hope that helps

      • …. most understanding Mattpt55 …. the prevailing spirit in the courtroom today toward those behaving in an intolerant fashion – post the Russian GP – is more akin to “NUKE EM TO HELL”, and indeed your chap does have the power to do so.

        #TJ13Love #Mattpt55

        • Thx your honour, doing my best to uphold the stereotype of ‘Muricans wherever I go.

          Plus, TBH if he can’t read it, perhaps there are others who can’t as well so would like to sort it if possible.

          • I felt the original objection was to all your comments making the official docs unreadable. That’s why I went berserk in my comment, and pointed her to the official docs.

          • ….. all right all right – if you must…

            (mutters to self) what happened to the Yankee doodle dandy… “Gung-ho”… shoot first ask questions later… modus operandi? I’m confused

            Looks like they’ve been taken over by the far left socialists after all… 😉

  3. @landroni, thx, could be, just want to make sure there’s no technical problem reading the docs. If they don’t like the commentary, they can just go right to the source and read. 😉

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