#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX?


As the inaugural Russian Grand Prix come to an end what are your thoughts on the race? Worth going back for more? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

70 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX?

  1. Gave it a 2……

    The most boring race of the season so far, probably due to the tyre choice. Probably would’ve been better if Pirelli had gone with the soft and supersoft tyres.

    • They had absolutely no data, so they had to go conservative. But ROS going 52 laps on a single set of tyres, still being able to romp through the whole field and driving the at-that-time fastest lap on a set of 50 laps old tyres was just ridiculous. The other teams could just as well have sevaed themselves the travel costs.

  2. I feel for the fans. I watched the start of the race and then went to sleep, and then I woke up when it ended. I already knew what would happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people were doing that today. 😛

  3. 1.

    For an appalling “Russia über alles” documentary, including a big, firm and concrete penis waving at F1 fans lap in, lap out. And for the driver’s practice formation in front of the firing squad from the beginning of the race.

    Bernard and FOM have sunk to a new low. The close-ups of a certified briber chumming up to a plane bomber were stomach turning. Now I’m patiently waiting for the brand new Damascus GP. Or shall it be the GP of Aleppo, you know, as a unity symbol in the Syrian civil war? I hear Bashar al-Assad is in dire need of FOM coverage..

      • The evidence is there for all (who want) to see:
        1. MH17 was shot down on separatist territory in Eastern Ukraine
        2. The missile was fired from within separatist territory, couple of km from Russian border. The days prior to the downing a Buk missile system (or similar) was spotted in the same region
        3. The missile was of utmost sophistication to be able to reach the heights of a commercial aircraft.
        4. The week prior to MH17, several Ukrainian military aircraft got shot down
        5. The week prior to downings of aircraft on the Eastern skies of Ukraine, the Russian military propaganda machine was gorilla-style boasting of rebels “capturing” a Buk missile system from Ukrainian military (heartily denied by the Ukrainian government)
        6. Immediately after the gunning down several conversations between Ukrainian separatist leaders and Russian operatives were intercepted and publicized, the conversations turning around “it was a mistake” and “no military equipment was found on the crash site”
        7. The days following MH17 a Buk system was spotted returning to Putin’s fatherland.

        Putin sent his army to “initiate” the military separatist movement in Ukraine. Putin irresponsibly supplied the rebels with a highly sophisticated weapon and gave them some coarse training, which they then mistakenly used on a commercial aircraft. Responsibility here lies at the top.

        As I said above, the evidence is there for all to see. Unfortunately, as the delicious close-up shots of Bernard kissing Vlad’s ass show, both these psychopaths know how to get their way and get away with it…

        • What are your thoughts on the UK and USA funding ISIS and then using them as an excuse to start a war?
          Both those countries are still allowed a Grand Prix with zero questions raised. Let’s be fair about this eh if we’re accusing Governments of being ars@holes.

        • If a BUK had been fired, where is the sat info from west?
          That’s a bigass missile and rings all kind of alarm bells.
          Where are the the ATC tapes?
          Why don’t you mention the Ukie jets following the plane?

          Your 6&7 have been proven complete trickery.

          You have only assumptions colored by your opinions, zero proof.
          And as you know, assumptions are the mother of all fu*kups.

          The west was hellbent to blame this on Putin but they have shut up since they have nothing to come with, while the Ukie behavior is utterly suspicious, but hey, they are our fascists so we will back them anyway.

          It is so horribly sad what happened to the people on that flight and add insult to injury, people like you go nuts accusing Putin instead of requiring a honest and transparent inquiry.

          I’ve got couple million Km on long flights during 40 years and if someone shoots my butt out of the sky, I would want my family have at least the solace of culpable parties named and shamed, not some KGB dude who probably got nothing to do with it.

          Finally, I don’t know what happened and I really want to know.

          End of this sh*t and back to F1

          • Well, as they say:
            It was either Putin or the aliens…

            But hey, if you believe that Putin is whiter than snow, that al-Assad is protecting the Syrian nation from its enemies, that the Tiananmen Square Massacre never happened, or that humans never landed on the Moon, well, suit yourself. Conspirationist arise!

            If however you recognize the brutal truth that at the North of the Black Sea Russia has initiated a military offensive and remorselessly annexed medieval-style territories of a sovereign country (1), supplied “homegrown” separatists with anti-aircraft equipment that started gunning down Ukrainian aircraft (2), and that Ukraine was fighting against an enemy without _any_ air presence (3) (remember that Putin is still officially dressed in “peacekeeping” robes and paddling the non-involvement of Russian military in “homegrown” Ukrainian events), *then* you might be able to free yourself from the admittedly very effective Putin propaganda machine. It makes absolutely… no… sense… for Ukrainian military to fire Buk missiles at an enemy without planes.

            But I don’t think any of this would sway you one way or another, so I’ll just hold my breath.

    • Plane bomber???

      If you have any actual facts about Russian involvement in that horror story, pls enlighten me, otherwise stop insulting one of the few politicians who is against these crazed western “bomb everything” locos.
      I’m no fan of KGB thugs but calling him plane bomber is wrong and stupid.

      Obama has now bombed 7 mainly Muslim countries with horrible civilian casualties, yet to Texas we go!
      But I guess that’s OK with you, it’s democratic bombs.

  4. This race was a nice reminder of why Pirelli were asked to make fast degrading tyres. Single stop races are boring and this race was no different.

  5. mercedes have a car that can cover nearly 200 miles on one set of tyres, with no fuel concerns comfortably quicker than anyone else.
    Got so bored I decided to work out the championship standings without Mercedes, I will share them with you all as I feel that you all deserve to be punished as much as I do.
    Up to and including today



  6. How many lock ups into run off areas is that now for Nico?

    He’s really good at this race fixing lark isn’t he?

    • I would hereby like to coin:
      “Doing a Rosberg”

      Meaning: “Locking up and turning your tires into Flintstones tires (and optionally missing the chicane). Or avoid locking up and cutting the chicane head-on.”

  7. Whilst pleased I passed on Putin’s propaganda parade… it seems peeling away the race reports now presents a picture of a poor, ponderous and plodding Grand Prix. In essence, and based on reading reports, this persistently paranoid punter, oft purporting the paranormal in races, didn’t passionately pine for, nor miss much, aside from what seems to be the pantheon of Russian penial pride promoted by Putin’s phallic preoccupation.

    So whilst this precocious and penetrating punter, endowed with much aplomb, generally prefers to pass on the premium that this site places on polite yet painful parrying, preferring a public and pernicious pow-wow in it’s place, which potentially places the police of this palatial site under problematic pressure, I suppose I can’t now palter post-race as per present norm. Normally, the preferred and promoted parlay of this writer presents the pretty n’ pious pause for pissed off thought whilst others push past preferring persistent progress in pleasant discourse.

    So positively for all that purport to be fans of my preferred punching bag, this percipient person (me), on this occasion, can’t play his profound part in promoting and propagating any further perplexing, paranoid and paranormal in-race machinations, which possibly much to the delight of the Hamilfosi and the powerful and pitiless, yet paciferous podcast producer, who having recently jointly paved a path of pain with this precocious punter proves that any potential conspiracy worthy of praise is possibly placed to one side, based purely on how pedestrian the race must have proven to be.

    I painfully place the province of paranoid paranormal propagation in the pudgy paws of the Fat HiPPo.


    • Your passive pontification of any potential pills that may be potentially problematic for manducation suggests a purposeful attempt at proliferating pain off the back of a principally playful and pointless passage above.

      The pervasiveness of the lack-of-humour here has reached pandemic levels and is most prevalent perhaps from those persons whom purport to be the parishioners of the Church of the Hamilfosi.

      Perhaps the passage was past your personal mental acuity, which may be consistent with my observation about a near-perfect correlation between those of low intellect and the absence of a humorous quota…

      C’est la vie.

      • Here’s a couple more words that begin with ‘P’ that you haven’t used…..

        Pathetic, petulant, pointless ramblings.

        Seems like you are from the Christian Horner grad school, why use one word to say something, when you can use a 100.

      • And you say us Hamilfosi are obsessed with you?! You mention us in practically every comment you make lmao!

        Since you’re liking the P’s today, would it be too much to ask for you to pi$$ off?

      • Lack of humour? Maybe its the way you implement your jokes. Because your entire post seems a bit elitist or “hey look at how smart I am and how dumb you guys are”.

        “It’s ok… Possibly past your IQ to comprehend kid…
        🙂 lol

        That quote of yours backs it up a bit.

        • Sorry you feel that way…

          The truth can be painful sometimes… Better off embracing it.

          Either that or look for a humour transplant, though the list is long. It’s filled with Hamilfosi.


  8. I’m a f1 optimist.meaning I always find something good in a race. But today was by far the worst race I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot by now. Apart from what? the first 2 or 3 laps Nothing interesting happend. I gave it a score of 1. But only because I’d rather have boring f1 on the telly than nothing at all. I can’t believe people there actually enjoyed the show…

    • I think this could be the worst track of the Tilke lot. Other than turn three it’s impossible to tell where the cars are from the onboard cameras. Literally just 90° corner after 90°corner. Did all the drivers have guns pointed to the backs of their heads when they said they enjoyed it??
      Even with a riskier tyre choice I can’t see how the race would have been any better. This track gets the award for most bland ever. The grey barriers sum it up perfectly!

  9. Three people watching chez moi, 2 fell asleep, the other one left the room. I woke up with 2 laps to go and fell back asleep on the last lap.
    From Russia with Mogadon.

    • “First few laps were amazing!”

      Well, yes and no. The 1st laps on the shiny new Tilkedromes (like Austin a couple years back) are a sham, with cars running off-track and continuing full speed ahead. Personally I find it abhorring. As AJ memorably put it in the podcast, the track “is the f*cking track!”.

      • But than again the way vergne fought back on the outside of that corner was stuff for in the history books!

  10. I must be a F1 fanatic of a sort, I enjoyed the race while crying due to Kimis “bad luck”.
    Congrats to all Hamfosi, your guy was fantastic. (Crying some more while beating the cr*p outta of a toy bulldog)

  11. This current rules and regulations are so restrictive that the teams -as they should, had to run conservative, since that had no data and did not want to destroy their cars, or reap the wrath of CW. Karmically, makes sense it was run in a country under a dictator.

  12. I enjoyed the race, well Hamilton winning always has that effect on me 🙂 but the venue was immaculate and breathtakingly set, all fears of the track not being ready or up to scratch were premature. I don’t even want to begin getting into the politics of it all 🙂 as I would be here all day and besides, who cares? I just want to see them race!
    The race itself got a tad boring but IMO the tyres plus Nico’s, now common, lock up ensured that. I loved the opening where cars were three abreast around the plaza and Verges overtake was ballsy to say the least. Bring on Austin! I get the feeling Hamilton has the measure of Rosberg now and the title is more or less in the bag, if it only wasn’t for those pesky double points at the end!

  13. Oh look, it’s another comments page filled up by the drunken rablings of the antipodeanarsehole.

    • Lol… It gets worse when I am drunk, I can assure you…

      “Antipodeanarsehole” – if I wasn’t so attached to my ongoing taunt at Lewis’ pathetic attempt to become “deep and meaningful” by tattooing his whole back with a very good poem, I’d change my name to that. I really would.

      That was very creative… I like creativity.

        • ….not so sure Adam P… I believe either form is acceptable…..Some consider the form s’s to look messy

          ‘s is usually used in the singular possessive. Therefore: Lewis owns a fast car; is technically Lewis’s fast car.
          Strunk and White prefer the use of ‘s….. period – however, it has become acceptable to just use the apostrophe alone (s’) if the proper name ends in s.

          • It’s ok Judge… They’re just running out of tactics… 😀

            “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” – Confucius

            It’s acceptable either way.

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