TJ13 – June review in verse

Brought to you by @theF1Poet, Ernie Black

TJ13 will be doing a monthly collaboration with theF1Poet reviewing the happenings in the world of Formula One, in verse.


Let’s take a look back at the dim month of June
Where F1 was not playing, a pleasant tune

In Montreal, a familiar smell would linger
Vettel strolled to victory waiving that dreaded finger

After the race, there was some shocking news
Where the death of a marshal gave the sport a bruise

Formula One drama had finally come knocking
To be quite honest, it’s not the least bit shocking

It all started one day, after the Spanish Grand Prix
With a secret tyre test with Merc and Pirelli

So the FIA called an International Tribunal
In a formal format that was somewhat communal

As all sides were heard and some blame was laid
Just a slap on the wrist and some monies paid

So off to Silverstone, round number 8 for F1′s throne.
The results by now are certainly known and so are the reasons for which tyres were blown.

Another dark day for the sport we adore
New safety concerns were brought to the fore

Emergency meetings and new tyre constructions
With Kevlar belts, to stop rear tyre destruction

McLaren still struggling and appearing quite limp
Are conditions in Woking a wee bit skimp?

Monza too seems to be in some trouble
ight this historic race be on the bubble?

Rumours about finances and teams in despair
And allegations of some new “Traction control” affair?

When F1 needs to grow, it needs positive press
Instead it appeared to be in a state of distress

Well F1 is just fine, it moves incredibly fast
And the dim month of June is a thing of the past

Before wrapping up this quick little review
Let’s pay some respect where it is certainly due

Birmingham’s son, Graeme Murray Walker
Is a legend of sorts and a real slick talker

I’ve listened to Murray, most of my life
I’ve spent more time with him, than I have with my wife

Join me please, in wishing him well
And a quick recovery, from this rough spell

Stay tuned for when court, will next reconvene
Til then, remember the name, it’s The Judge 13

3 responses to “TJ13 – June review in verse

    • To F1Poet, Ernie Black,
      in case you receive unwarranted flack.

      This Sunday morning arrives with cheer
      and at this price it’s hardly expensive – I mean dear.

      Such variety on The Judge13
      is more than on any other site is seen.

      From ‘Days of Hope’ and Days of Yore
      (whatever that means) it’s not a bore.

      And if you’ll accept thanks from BJF
      I’ll await next month with baited breath…

      Now I’ll return to ‘On This Day in F1’
      Because I’m useless at getting things to rhyme…

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