Daily #F1 News and Comment: Sunday 21 July 2013

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Kaltenborn to exit Sauber? (15:54)


Kaltenborn to exit Sauber?

On Monday TJ13 reported that Sauber had secured investment from Investment Corporation International Fund, the State Fund of Development of North-West Russian Federation and the National Institute of Aviation Technologies. At the time speculation was rife that Sauber’s team principal, Monisha Kaltenborn, will be replaced and one of the names tipped for the job was Nicolas Todt.

Today German newspaper Blick reports that the Russian pay masters, who will be investing a reported 470 million Swiss Francs in the team, will be asking for a seat on the board. Details of the investment is minimal but it appears Kaltenborn will become the sacrificial lamb and be replaced.

According to Sonntagszeitung, majority team owner Peter Sauber is pushing for a Swiss CEO and the names being mentioned are Franke CEO Michael Pieper, Phonak’s Andy Rihs and Denner’s Philippe Gaydoul. How this will work and if it also means a replacement of team principal remains to be seen… Kaltenborn may just be walking away with a few million Francs for her trouble to set up the rescue deal…


15 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Sunday 21 July 2013

    • In the end it’s a rather easy thing. She was the head honcho while the team nearly went bust. It’s the normal way things go – if a company is in trouble and has to be rescued, the (wo)man at the top of the food chain is usually shown the door.

      What I’m worried about is how often Bild and Blick are used as sources. Bild is the most ridiculous yellow-press rag in Germany and Blick is the Swiss equivalent of Blick. I don’t think either are very credible. We might just as well quote a Romanian fortune-teller.

      • …or the Sun!

        Being fair to TJ though when news are hard to come by, why not spend some time speculating even if the truth in the news in 10%.

      • We are merely reporting news. It’s a round up of what is being said by whom.

        Its just the same as telling you what Johnny Herbert says, who some think he makes it up as he goes along.

        The reader knows the source and can form their own opinions as to its level of credibility.

        • And that’s sort of a problem. With the internet we get this circular reinforcement of a story, You report this several days ago, then Bild reports it, maybe because you did, then YOU report that Bild is reporting…….and soon, no one knows who reported what or how credible the story really is. Much sound and fury signifying …. nothing.

          • I think we’ve reported enough ‘firsts’ and hints to demonstrate our integrity. Read the news for 4 days before RB announced DR driving in YDT test. It’s all DR Red Bull and obvious hints.1st mainstream media I saw knew this was tue am and Reuters from press release.

            BBC reporter J Ledgard congratulated us on the first English site to have JA to leave Lotus story and PL leaving Macca.

            We had purple RB livery video online 1 week before the launch.

          • Judge, I wasn’t referring to you specifically, but rather the problem with of a feedback loop that occurs on the internet. Too few sources and to much recycling.

          • I ditto that. At least reputable websites usually cite their sources if they’re not their own, others (Bild, Sun, etc), cite some ‘insider’.

  1. Have been impressed by what she has done in a short time, will she be Bernie’s replacement…

  2. A shame if she has to go, she obviously invested at a bad time, but hey, that’s business.

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