Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 1st June 2013

FIA now target Ferrari

There are a number of reports that Ferrari are now part of the FIA probe into illegal testing. The team have been asked to provide information to the authority about the test they undertook in Barcelona between the Bahrain and Spanish GP’s.

There is confusion amongst the various commentators as to how Ferrari are implicated in any breach of the sporting regulations, because they used a 2011 car.

It could be that the whole 1000 km testing arrangement is deemed illegal having failed the ‘opportunity for all’ criteria apparently specified by the FIA.

TJ13 has been investigating whether Pedro de la Rosa could be deemed an illegitimate driver in these 1000 km tests, because the sporting regulations strictly prescribe who can drive what and when.

My conclusion is the same as on Monday. This is a mess caused by the FIA not being clear in their prescriptions of any exceptions granted to the ‘in season’ testing regulations. However, if they kick the matter up to the International Tribunal, they in turn may be forced to rule on the letter of the law as stated within those regulations.

This would get the FIA off the hook, but interestingly Ferrari, one of the parties protesting Mercedes test, would now also be now in the dock and to be fair… given the restraints of jurisdiction the IT may have – I could not criticise my fellow (but inferior of course) rulers in finding Ferrari as guilty as Mercedes.

Mercedes threaten to quit

Timing is everything, and you may see this headline as sensational. However, Supersport report that Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, who is responsible for integrity and legal affairs on the Daimler board, said at a New York media event this week that the company had put appropriate clauses into their contract with Formula One.

“We can pull out of the sport and we would use the appropriate clauses if necessary.” she said.

Hohmann-Denhardt, however, stressed that the German justice system first had to decide on whether to proceed to trial over the Ecclestone bribery charges and sh added that “we have to await that decision.”

It could be just Mercedes are just reminding the FIA of their importance to the sport by way of a non associated matter to their Pirelli development test. Interesting…

Happy Birthday

The venerable Mr. Ron Dennis who is as much McLaren as the team’s founder is 66 today.

How time flies

9 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 1st June 2013

  1. Looks like Mercedes haven’t really gotten the clue, how serious the allegations are. More or less blackmailing the IT, by saying ‘if you don’t let it go, we’ll bugger off’ is not what you would expect from a serious business organization. Looks like Pirelli aren’t the only ones chopping away at their credibility right now.

    • Perhaps they’re weary from the dicking around they got by Bernie in the lay round of negotiations. Different organization, I know, but same black hole money pit at the end of the day.

      • Mutual. I think they’re pissed because whatever they got from the FIA must have convinced them they were in the clear to conduct the tests the way they were done, ala the double diffuser, a loophole that Brawn (or a nameless intern in the legal dept.) discovered. Plus, they were slighted rather badly, as you point out, in the last round of negotiations.

        Between the two, and given the win in Monaco, the board might decide they would rather not be associated with such a “corrupt” organization. I don’t see it as throwing their toys out of the pram, but at the end of the day F1 needs to serve their larger commercial interests and if it doesn’t, they will pull the plug. The fact that it serves as leverage is simply an added bonus.

  2. This comment from Mercedes is a rehash of their comments in June 2012 when menace started to fly above Bernie’s head… However one may wonder how a business ethics based retirement would affect both the MGP team as well as the engines business? So what would happen to McLaren (2014), Williams and Force India ?

    • Your right JJPM this was mooted as something Dailmer had issues with back then

      However, I’m not sure we ever had Dailmer’s compliance officer – an lady ex-judge – making it specifically clear they had negotiated exemptions in their long term commitment to F1.

      Further, I seem to remember it was only around September/October Lauda confirmed they had signed anything with Ecclestone.

  3. Podcast please… I know you said before its lots of work… Someone following this website has experience ie Matt Somers has done a few videos last year… Such good info each day. Most podcasts out there are just people reading the news not making it. I vote for a podcast even if its just monthly.

    • We are looking at it, I promise. The thing is we may not have the slickest site, but the quality of writing, opinion and reader contribution I believe is second to none.

      When we get TJ13 podcast up and running, it will be an interactive conversation rather than a monologue of news.

      Anything TJ13 does, will be of quality, and getting the right people together in one place is not easy… to do a podcast remotely creates further difficulties with technology and editing…

      …but it will come… we trying not to run before walking… just 8 months old to date 🙂

      • Well, I’d say this 8-months old walks a helluva lot better than some blogs, who’ve been around for years 🙂

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