2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix – Driver of the Weekend

Sebastian Vettel Conquers Bahrain 2013For a change the 2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix delivered an action packed race with numerous passes and some feisty and judged driving from Perez. We also saw Grosjean get himself on the podium and Di Resta just losing out on a podium spot.

Who do you think was the driver of the weekend? This takes into account more than just the race. Please use the comment box to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

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  1. I’ve gone for Perez. I disagree with Whitmarsh that hitting Jenson was his fault. IMHO Button parked his car on the apex and Perez did well to give him a PP rather than a bigger knock.

    I wish Webber had done to Vettel in Sepang what Jenson did to Sergio, run him wide. Sergio was great in battles with others too (the late move on Alonso I really enjoyed), but by ‘besting’ Button he has commanded our attention again and the battle at McLaren is one Ill look for first up in Barcelona.

    I am a fan of Grosjean and it was good to see him back in the kind of race form he showed last year but Perez was coming under some heavy media criticism and he certainly responded well to Whitmarsh’s call for him to get his elbows out.

    Then of course his big sponsor was there too – even more pressure to impress. On that note, Maybe McLaren could make a cardboard cut out of Carlos Slim (like those silly police ones in UK stores) and keep moving it around the garage and hospitality areas all weekend. Further, just get the track team to keep dropping Carlos name into conversations here and there within earshot of Sergio.

    Hey – McLaren need all the help they can get at present 😀

      • Indeed Enzo – and now the news this week is….

        “Ferrari unwise to lose their stellar young driver to McLaren”. Last week however….

        • My money is still on Bianchi, more intelligent, and during tests at Fiorano he constantly outperformed Sergio, and not by a small margin.
          When asked this week if Bianchi might have a chance at Massa’s seat next year, Domenicali answered: “why not?”
          Now that would be great to see, Ferrari putting a young talent in one of their cars, can’t remember the last time that has happened.

    • Perez for me as well. Not that his drive was that brilliant, just that he had the balls to challenge a reluctant Button. If he had knocked him off he would have had a job explaining it to the team, but he didn’t and Whitmarsh rightly is backing him against Captain Sensible’s bleating! He also had the tenacity to withstand bullying by Alonso, who, if he had passed him – all four wheels off – would have had to give the place back, how embarrassing that would have been.

      • It was interesting that Jenson came running out to hijack sorry join the interview on Sky between Lazenby, Whimarsh and Davidson – admitting he’d been watching it live on TV. This was after they’d played his car to pit message – words to the effect “Martin please stop him racing me…please”. (We are trying to get the footage of this very interesting interview for you and put it on TJ13 TV).

        I already tweeted I thought Jenson had been ‘cute’ when Perez hit him from behind and then we had Davidson showing the footage and the corner lines in slow mo to back this up on the Skypad.

        I’ve always said I may be highly critical where appropriate of anyone in F1 – but on this we have to give SKY credit. I don’t remember the BBC prior to SKY’s involvement may not have given us such detailed post race analysis of certain moves and incidents. Granted this is done best by Davidson and is never as good when he is off racing elsewhere.

  2. I hv gone for Sutil as he was 82 sec behind after lap 2 but recovered well and drove fantastic race to finish 76 behind the leader.
    Without the incident he would hv fought for victory and at worse P2 was on the card.

  3. I went for Vettel, it’s easy to say he had the best car, but it didn’t look that way in Webbers hands. Took his chances early in the race to get the lead and then was easily the fastest man on track for the rest of it. Hope the rest of the teams bring performance with their upgrades at the next race as I feel this may not be the only dominant victory Vettel ends up with this year if not.

    My 2nd best woud be Hamilton, fought back from a low starting slot and poor start to get good points. Looked after his tyres better than Rosberg, which was a surprise.

  4. Alonso, DRS is sooo 2012!
    Finishing 8th. 37 sec. after winner Vettel, who had a trouble free race, only choice for me, Alonso fought like a lion.

    • I agree, it was Alonso for me too. How he kept it on the track and was still competitive with his rear wing stuck open just shows his class as a driver. Vettel had clear air and could look after his tyres better. I was really looking forward to Alonso showing him who is boss, but it wasn’t to be this time.

  5. It’s nice to see max chilton’s mum and dad reading the blog. You must be very proud, TJ13.

    • We do have auspicious visitors at times – I can assure you – and occasionally if the big wig doesn’t come themself, they send their lawyer – the tales I could tell 🙂

  6. For me it was Perez as well… just because he rattled Button’s cage a bit. Di Resta also did really well in the race (please note I am not endorsing him as a great driver). Other than that I hope Grosjean finds his speed again because at the moment Kimi has one over him … IMnHO 😛

  7. It was generally a tough one to call, lots of pressure on some individuals to perform, and I think they all stepped up to the plate and did, which is excellent new for us! We have some fights on our hands!

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