2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix – Rate the Race

2013 Gulf Air Bahrain GP Podium

One day later and having had time to think how would you rate the 2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix? Use the comments to say why you voted the way you did.

7 responses to “2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix – Rate the Race

  1. Only a six from me – an uninspiring circuit, a fairly lack-lustre race except for a few instances of genuine racing rather than DRS assisted overtaking and a difficult to follow highlights offering by the BBC.

    • I agree – the circuit is uninspiring, but the race was pretty exiting….

      well…. the first place wasn’t but the rest of the places were….

      well second was I guess an uninspiring 2 stop trundle…

      Jenson did incredibly well to get from 10th to….

      finish where he started Mmm

      Okay – you got me Ted but I’m saying 7 – because Grosjean did a good job and Perez gave Button a lesson… and Lewis hadn’t a clue where he was most of the time – that was entertaining too – defo 7.

      • Yes – Grosjean, still visibly cautious around other cars had a fine race, what could have been wrong with his previous chassis?

  2. It was a very exciting race. Ferrari had great chances, but failed miserably with Alonso’s DRS and Massa’s tyres. It really opened a chance for Vettel, who took a chance. He was probably too powerful and left others far behind after tackling his way forward the grid. The Flying Finns, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg drove as expected: Raikkonen could hold his tyres in good shape, while Rosberg had misfortune with his. On the lower places, Caterham was finally a bit better than before during this season, so Marussia should watch out.

    • Welcome Guest – and thank you for your thoughts.

      Marussia have a fairly big disadvantage in that they are using the Cosworth engine and Caterham are using the same engine as the team who won the last 3 F1 world titles.

      Further, Marussia have begun using KERS this year, Caterham have a year’s experience on them.

      What will be interesting now that Marussia cars have bought out LDC and spent over $15m acquiring another 25% of the team – will they put up some more cash for development?

  3. Great race.
    Disappointing though to watch without seeing thousands of fans cheering at every corner.
    Racing in Bahrain seems a bit contrived to me.

    • Indeed DV

      Think there’s a design problem with the circuit too. Abu Dhabi appears to have the stands in line with camera angles for the cars that makes it feel like there’s masses watching the race.

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