The Bar Exam: 28 March 2013

Welcome to another edition of The Bar Exam. Last week saw a record number of participants (old and new). Can I ask for some suggestions on quiz types you would like to see? At the moment photos seem to be the standard as that is the only thing you can modify without Google being able to tell you what it is.

Last week’s question was: Name the car below, the year in which is was made and who designed it? The car also had something that was very advanced in the way it was used, what was it?

We received a number of correct answers for this round so well done to all! (no particular order: C-bahn, Jon, Cassius42, Herowassenna, Iliyan, Rbr007, Doug, Nigel)

The answer I was looking for was: Lancia D50 which was raced in the last race of 1954 and in 1955. It was designed by famous Italian designer Vittorio Jano. The engine was used as a stressed member in a tubular space-frame chassis, very revolutionary design for the time. Lancia actually withdrew from racing in 1955 and the cars and equipment was transferred to Ferrari.

This week’s question: Name the driver, car, circuit and Grand Prix the picture below was taken at.


Please provide your answers in the field below.

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