The Bar Exam: 28 February 2013

A big thank you to those taking part in last week’s Formula 1 Bar Exam.

The correct answer for last week’s Bar Exam was: Kyalami, South Africa where the last race held was in 1993 and won by Alain Prost in a Williams Renault. The other circuit was the Nordschleife last raced fully in formula 1 in 1976 and won by James hunt in the McLaren. As I did not make it clear that it should be the exact circuit I also accepted Nurburgring and Lewis Hamilton last won a race there in 2011. Well done to C-bahn and Wire2004 who got it 50% right in spotting Nordschleife/Nurburgring!

Now for this week’s Bar Exam: As we are on the subject of new Formula 1 engines in 2014 I thought a question about past engines will be a good trip down memory lane. Can you name the engine manufacturer of the engine in the image below, the engine model, the drivers that raced it in their car (including the team) and how many races it won.

I am an engine, but who made me?

I am an engine, but who made me?