Proof McLaren were influenced in Perez selection by cash

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I will be in Jerez Tue to Sun next week, so there will be no TJ13 posts I’m afraid. However, this is an essential time for me to catch up with people  know in F1 and find out ‘off the record’ opinions and information that helps guide our developing opinions in what is indeed a time of great change in our beloved sport of F1.

Some quick news I haven’t got time to delve into.

Force India have announced the launch of the VJM06 on Friday at 10:15 both at and on Sky Sports.

Ferrari’s 2013 car will be identified as the F138. ’13 for the year and 8 to celebrate the last ever V8 engine’s. Ferrari d’t use a sequencial ID system for their cars, 2010’s was the F50, 2011’s the F150 and the 2012 car was the F2012.

McLaren influenced: John Allert, McLaren’s Group Brand Director, in an interview with Marketing Week admits that the team were influenced when choosing Perez by the Sponsorship. I’m sure you will dig up the copious denials that this was the case by McLaren printed and post them in the comments.

When asked, Did marketing opportunities play a part in choosing Perez as McLaren’s new driver?”, John replies…

Yes. I’ve sat in some interesting meetings where we’ve discussed the pros and cons of different drivers, as any Formula 1 team does. There is always consideration given to how quick the driver is, and how attractive the driver is in playing a role to attract funds to the team. To be a successful team in Formula 1 you need significant amounts of sponsorship funding.

Ultimately, success drives interest in the team, but increasingly our sponsor partners are wanting to tell stories, just as any marketer does. To tell a story with a monosyllabic, disinterested driver is a pretty tough gig, so selling that to sponsor partners is not something that we wanted to do.

In Sergio, we’ve got somebody who is vivacious, young, attractive, popular and quick. It’s quite a nice basket of attributes but it’s not a guarantee that he’s going to succeed on the track, so he’s got a lot of work to do.”

My time is short tonight, so I’ll let TJ13 readers unpack that little gem. My guess is the semantic minutia that differentiates the previous denials and this confession, is that the denials were suggesting the cash brought in by Sergio’s personal sponsor – Telmex – had no bearing on the matter.

Mmm. Over to you…

Some headlines, for those of you on twitter some of these have been turned up by theUsher @thejudge13twts posting twho has been singing like a bird all day with links to interweb F1 material of interest.

German GP: mutter mutter – Bernie now says Nurburgring may be back on. yeah right. Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut and wait until there is something of value to say.

Romain Grosjean reveals sought help from a psychologist amid his troubled 2012 season – one in the eye for Sir Jack eh?

Sergio Perez will be asked to wear a celebrity card board face mask at the launch of tomorrow’s MP4-28 launch. Available at for £3.22 plus P&P

Lewis Hamilton Celebrity Cardboard Face Mask - Single

Scorpian Racing have begun testing with the remains of the parts from the hrt Madrid factory. Bilde, a German tabloid, are reporting Adrian Sutil may drive for Scorpion Racingare reporting.

If the team did however get off the ground, would their DRS look like this?

source: @WTF1

Williams 2013 livery: Source unknown. The team has won a prestigious low carbon award for their collaboration with a coachbuilder. They have integrated their flywheel system and delivered a 20% reduction in fuel consumption.

FIA I follow their official media releases. Nothing for ages and then this grand announcement. #FIA commissions global road safety action study: #FIAMobility #AFRS #roadsafety

Quiz: Another car, driver year please

Embedded image permalink

Sir Jackie Stewart has advised Lewis Hamilton to separate his personal and professional lives.

Gazzetta dello Sport  on the Ferrari F138. “It will have Lotus-style passive double DRS, pull-rod front suspension, rear floor a la Red Bull”

TJ13 First: Paddy Lowe is confirmed as not present for the MP4-28 Launch. McLaren today, ‘no comment’ on the future of Mr. Lowe.

Melbourne: Constructed in 290,000 hours, reduced to 2 mins.

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  1. If that picture is true of the Williams. That is.a.mighty fine looking car. And the paint work. A throw back to the rothmans days. Which I have to say was one of the prettyist cars.around. especially 1997

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