Where’s Paddy? Rumours suggesting Paddy Lowe now excluded from McLaren MP4-28 launch

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Where is Paddy? One of my favourite past times as a child was my ‘where is Wally’ books. For those not fortunate to have whiled the hours away with Wally before the era of 24/7 TV on gazzilions of channels – this is what finding Wally was all about.

The ‘Where is Wally books consist of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location.

Readers are challenged to find a character named Wally hidden in the group. Wally’s distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses make him slightly easier to recognise, but many illustrations contain ‘red herrings’ involving deceptive use of red-and-white striped objects.

Later entries in the long-running book series added other targets for readers to find in each illustration. The books have also inspired a TV show, comic strip and a series of video games.

Anyway we now have our own speculative version of this activity tonight. We need to find Paddy Lowe. TJ13 reported last week that an advance schedule for the McLaren launch had been sent to the media that included Paddy Lowe. This was being distributed around 48 hours after rumours emerged that McLaren’s tech guru was off to join Toto, Lauda et al at Mercedes AMG.

The thinking was that distributing this schedule early was a deliberate attempt by Woking to squash the rumours rampaging aroud the internet.

TJ13 is hearing tonight that new schedules have been issued for the order of events surrounding the launch of the MP4-28, and a certain well known Irish gentleman appears to have been whisked away by the leprechauns.

Here we go again. I said at the time of Toto’s arrival, it looked as though Ross Brawn had been treated with contempt and my guess was he would leave. Should Mr. Lowe head down the road to the local pub in Brackley, for a snifter of the black stuff, the silly season will surely not be over.

If this is true, there will be first a period of garden leave for Paddy to enjoy.

The former love in that was Mercedes & McLaren took a hit in the autumn when Lewis defected. This is grounds for divorce and Big Ron will be incandescent.

untitled1 copyUnlike Wally, Paddy is not red and blue striped, but has distinctive green colouring and is staring at a pot of gold.

24 responses to “Where’s Paddy? Rumours suggesting Paddy Lowe now excluded from McLaren MP4-28 launch

        • Hmm – interesting article. The author however does seem to be lacking a sense of humour, and after all these are his views and not neccessarily shared by others ….

          Also I don’t see how my comment is in any way ” nasty ” ?

          All you have to do is look at Lewis’s behaviour over the last couple of years – and as The Judge commented ” The team were getting tired of the ‘pantomime’ of life that had started to follow Lewis …. ” on 4th Jan – to see that I had a perfectly valid reason for my comment.

          P King you wrote – ” I certainly hope that that type of flaming comment is infrequent on this top quality blog. ” – I really don’t understand where you are coming from ????? I don’t consider it ” flamming ” in the slightest ……

          And I DON’T apprieciate being called MONKYBOY. I think YOU are the one being nasty and making a flaming comment ….

          Sorry Judge – but I had no alternate than to reply – and this is not the sort of thing I want to see on your blog 🙁

          • I’m with the having a funny bone party, on this one, not the typo when writing someone’s nick name crowd. But I’m biased by the pure superficiality of the article in Scientific American posing as worthy of a magazine I once enjoyed. Since the article itself is not proof but meta opinion at best, frankly puerile in the banality of commonplace observation, being cited as a authority surely must be discounted at best, or if a reflexive irony because at first read the cited “proof” or supporting argument is so poor as to call into question the validity of any thereupon reliant assertion, tautologically. Life imitates citation .. Which of course brings me to the point that obviously such a citation means the original comment shurely was a joke in itself, and in which case the missing component is in which direction it was pointing?

            I think I’ll just be on my way now, no need to show me the door. . . but if I may, I bid you adieu with a hearty farewell of, “Lighten up, guys!”

          • Muskets at Dawn methinks.

            P King – just a friendly observation. If you jump wholeheartedly onto your soapbox at such a small comment, perhaps the internet is not for you. It can be a dastardly place this, and if too sensitive, one can be swallowed whole.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love a good soapbox “holier than thou” reprimand, but not for a single one line throw away comment, of which there are many in the dark deep bowels that is the internet forums and blogs.

    • What is going through his mind you ask johnmyburgh you ask.

      My guess would be a fine cocktail of thoughts called “masochistic iron will”.


      Shot of “What the Hell Did I do?!” liqueur
      2 Shots of “Can’t turn back now…” black label rum
      Squeeze of “stop thinking about it!” lemon
      Dash of “stay focused and set expectations low” vodka
      all in a delusional Salt Rimmed “I can do a Schumacher / Ferrari” cup

      Top up with, “WTF is going on with mgmt.” pineapple and voila.

      You have the cocktail of Lewis’s thoughts.

      • LOL! Luckily I’m not a big drinking man cause that mix is sure to give you one mega hangover! Make no mistake, I think Lewis is rapid but he needs to learn to control his emotions. Senna, his idol, was an emotional driver but was really good at controlling his emotions, a very powerful mix IMHO. Maybe age will temper him and his best is yet to come.

      • 🙂 + $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Oh well at least I’ve got the cash and Shirtlifter is back

  1. McLaren could simply be playing mind games with Mercedes. Lowe doesn’t show up and everybody assumes he’s going to Mercedes. Then Brawn looks like he’s on the way out and it keeps Mercedes eye off the ball. Lowe signs a new contract with McLaren but don’t announce it. The questions about Brawn never end.

    • Perhaps, but it has been confirmed that Lowe indeed had had discussions with Toto and Ross at various stages. Bit of a long bow I think, but in F1 anything I possible I suppose.

  2. So Paddy’s announced one weekend at Mercedes and the next weekend we will have Ross saying his batteries are low and wants to call it quits for now and that he was aware all along about the Paddy situation.

  3. i dont think Paddy is going to depart from Maca
    However, we are not hearing from Force India for some time now… with the tests coming in in few days, i am wondering if the King of Good Times will have a car and most importantly the drivers that goes with it ?
    What you guys think ?

    • I think Bernie (not my cat) is addicted to the show concept. He’s like a child on Christmas day and can’t get enough.

      So committed to the cause is our great leader, he is submitting himself to the legal systems of 3 countries on 2 continents to bring us the convoluted mystery/thriller show entitled “Bernie: Where legal eagles get paid off”.

      I reckon he got CVC to cough up some proper F1 ‘investment’ cash and wedged in Toto, Lauda, Marko, Paddy, Ross and a few others to put on a damn good show this close season.

      I hope you all don’t mind be being highly irreverent – I assure you it is not flippancy, but well considered….

      Anyway – our friend Yorkshire ‘Bob’ – the builder of fast cars at Force India said the testing would not be used to evaluate drivers. He also said the launch was for the car not driver line up.

      I think he’s been on that Lewis’ cocktail. FI have been given a ‘Get out of jail free’ card because of the cataclysmic intergalactic storm brewing in Brackley

      Hey, its all good. More open politics in F1 is great – we can still debate racing etc, but we now got some juicy caricatures developing.

      BTW Anyone draw cartoons?

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