Ferrari F2013 will be ‘Bella bella’, Frijns: Grumpy again?

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Ferrari: The FIA has permitted teams to use a “structurally irrelevant” section of carbon fibre to hide the what many believe to be an ugly platypus stepped style nose section. We heard earlier in the month that Williams are taking  no stepped nose advantage of this, yet at the first F1 car launch of the year Lotus clearly have not had either the time or inclination to fabricate this section – the step remains.

We’ve not spoken much about Ferrari since the first day of Wrooom as they have rather been hijacked by Lauda’s posse and then #Red Bull spyshot and now Lotus’ spluttering launch. Ferrari – lovers of all things artistic and beautiful (including themselves) will not resort to the crude aesthetics of the Enstone team.

Reports are surfacing in Italy that this is indeed the case.  Marco Canseco of the Spanish publication Marca reveals, “Visually, there is no step on the nose, but the nose remains high to allow the airflow under the car.” Ferrari don’t care about a few hundred extra grams – this is probably why Alonso has gone into deep training for a month – lose a few kilo’s to compensate.

Further, Ferrari are unlikely to showcase their new front and rear wings at the launch to avoid giving their rivals advance notification of their new designs. F2013 will have smaller sidepods than last year, a Red Bull coanda style exhaust and of course retain the pull rod suspension system.

My minds eye is conjuring up the young and most elegant prancing horse – adorned with the latest Rosso Maranello hue. It is … semplicemente bella senza paragoni. Magnificat!!!


Robin Frijns: TJ13 reported that young Dutchman Frijns had suggested he wouldn’t drive for Red Bull, as they treat their development drivers ‘like dogs’ – something he denied. Well after the initial exhilaration of being signed by Sauber as their development driver, Robin is sounding a little blue.

Dutch media Formula1.NL report that Frijns is now “disillusioned and disappointed” as the reality of this role sinks in. “I think this year I will not have much to do. On January 30, I go to the factory and hope that I get more clarity on matters. At present I will not be driving in the Winter tests, and it looks unlikely that I used during the Friday practice sessions. ”

This does beg the question why do Sauber bother having a ‘development’ driver as Robin questions. “I’m not sure what I will find out there.  I can’t even gain simulator experience, because Sauber do not have one.”

Frijns also tested for DTM in December, but even there he is drawing a blank. “I’ve heard nothing, so that doesn’t look promising. I have few other alternatives and I fear that it will be difficult year well.”

Sauber have said, “The philosophy of Sauber to our two race drivers as much mileage as possible give. That is so important precisely because so little is being tested.  It is also important that our race drivers are in the car on Fridays so no valuable time lost. Robin gets the opportunity to the technical meetings to be present, with engineers conversations to engage and participate in our fitness. That together will provide a good basis for future care.”

Well, Mr. Frijns may or may not have suggested the Bull’s treat their offspring like Canines. Yet thejudge13 has only encountered this young man twice and the evidence is quickly mounting he may be trouble.

Ferrari mechanics: Boys will be boys 🙂

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6 responses to “Ferrari F2013 will be ‘Bella bella’, Frijns: Grumpy again?

  1. Hey, judge. Just a point on Frijns. Your assessment of the guy as being ‘trouble’ is not correct. He is a bit of the Robert Kubica mould – get him a fast car and somewhere to sleep and he will deliver results. What Frijns seems to lack however is proper schooling into the politics, which could turn into nightmare for PR staff, sponsors, etc, something that is a bit reminiscent of Kimi, if Kimi talked to the media more, that is :).

    • I’m not down on Frijns, I like his anti establishment attitude. Point of report was what are Sauber doing? Seems a bit pointless.

      I write tabloid attention grappling headlines, but the content should be fairly appropriate.

      Think he’s a bit Webber-esque.

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