Alonso: Matador de toros (transl. ‘Killer of Bulls’)

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Marko Watch: After the day I had yesterday, my brain was rather scrambled. I find that though I’m one of the most decisive people I’ve met, when in this state, I dither over the most silly of matters for an eternity. Anyway, I finally decided this piece qualified to be categorised as a ‘Marko Watch’ story.

My decision was that it does so on the school playground premise that ‘he started it first, sir’. It appears the good doctor has stirred the hornet’s nest and may reap the whirlwind (mixed metaphors I know). Fernando is reveling in the new found freedom of twitter, and this appears to have given him the confidence to take the offensive to the enemy – politics or not.

For those of you joining the TJ13 blog recently a quick catchup if you need it. Marko attacked Alonso a week or so ago, suggesting he would be better served following the example of head boy Sebastian Vettel who stays focused, never reads or reacts to the media and the direct consequence is that he wins 3 consecutive WDC’s.

Her doctor accused Alonso of being too ‘busy with politics and funny comments’. Well we discovered at that time when delving into Helmut’s past he was indeed once a racer but unfortunately lost an eye in a crash which curtailed his competitive on track ambitions. Well, it may be that the rest of his senses are reeling before the year is out.

Fernando tells Brazilian publication, TotalRace, he was approached by Helmut in the past to join Red Bull on several occasions and each time he refused. In effect he accuses Marko of the living the maxim, ‘Hell hath no fury, like a lover scorned’. Alonso does so by suggesting the reason for Helmut’s personal attacks on him are because, “after hearing ‘no’, it always hurts a little more each time.” Ouch!

Alonso’s blood is up as he addresses the suggestions that Vettel has committed himself to a monasterial vow of solitude and seclusion from the media along with bad American sitcoms. “Some (people) say they don’t read them (Alonso’s comments), don’t hear them and don’t see them, before adding that they are not influenced by them, so clearly they do read them, maybe at night.”

My concern is that a certain well known Germanic leader opened up a second front, and history attributes this decision as that which led to his ultimate downfall. Can the Austrian doctor withstand the frontal assault of Lauda’s growing cavalry posse whilst being outflanked by the maestro; the colourful and flamboyant matador de toros?

Roll up, roll up. 2013’s gonna be one helluva show folks – one way or the other.

19 responses to “Alonso: Matador de toros (transl. ‘Killer of Bulls’)

  1. I read last night that Mercedes have also signed Paddy Lowe to their swelling resources of design gurus. Maybe they have decided that if you buy enough designers then cumulatively they equal one Adrian Newey!!

    Believe it was on

    • Maybe the thinking is, If you buy enough designers there’ll be none left for the other teams – apart from Mr Newey, that is…

  2. Fernando has been totally winning this handbag fight. I never thought anyone cared so much for amusing us in the off season. Some of his put downs make me want to high five the guy. Ouch. Stop Embarrassing Yourself, Helmut! No, really, go on, it’s top entertainment. Keep this up, and ‘nando will be on super mental form by Melbourne.

  3. It seems obvious that somewhere along the line Alonso got inside their head, and he’s still there, muy bueno!

  4. Thank you for your blog. The reason for my mail is two fold. One to say how much I enjoy your blog even though I do not respond and feel that while you are probably wishing for responses and thereby create an ongoing conversation amongst your readers you need to be aware of the ” silent ” followers who appreciate your thoughts and news. Secondly and my only criticism ( constructive I hope and mild anyway), I have felt during the off season that you feel the need once or twice to blog when news is not forthcoming. I would suggest that in those circumstances you do not blog. Looking forward to 2013 and just pray that all the shoots of a new competitive Williams team that we saw in 2012 is not lost by the two senior departures. Fingers crossed they replace well. Thanks for your time and blog.


    Oliver Wells, 07712891207

    • Thank you very much. I had a lot of flak last week (not on the blog) and wondered whether it was worth it – but comments like yours help greatly.

      I accept your point, and to be honest I would have been better off just taking a few days break.

      The blog is less than 20 weeks old, and I’m still experimenting with different styles of writing, news, video, pictures, funny items to see where our final niche will be.

      I appreciate the quality at times suffers due to volume, but the volume is getting TJ13 ranked frequently no.1 on google search terms. The week after Brazil, we were no.1 for ‘Vettel yellow flag’.

      Part of achieving this – so I understand’ is getting the story out first – so at times the writing is a little rushed

      The search engines are important as they send between 100-200 people a day who are not searching for TJ13.

      Anyway, once again I appreciate your time. Any other observations are always appreciated and given proper thought.

      PS Out of interest how do you visit the site each time. RSS, email, twitter or from your browser?

      • “PS Out of interest how do you visit the site each time. RSS, email, twitter or from your browser?”

        I’ve bookmarked your site (which is how I usually check it) and follow you on twitter, though on twitter I notice that you usually tweet the same story multiple times, so at times it’s difficult to know what’s new and what isn’t.

  5. @thejudge13,

    Have been posting myself here for just a few days now, but enjoy your articles (and the humour and sarcasm) also the discussons with other users very much.
    One of the few sites that’s not all about “my driver is better than your driver”.
    Looking forward to your articles during the season.

        • hahaha – I love all the TJ13 commentators, but for those of you who feel you don’t wish to comment – that is no problem. Your regular support by reading TJ13 is vital. The silent readers account for about 97% of the unique reads we have every day – their viewings send our rankings stratospheric at times and without them TJ13 is about 20-25 of us just having a chat.

          To the commentators, thank you for engaging in a fantastic way with new participants. I’ve seen it happen on other sites when some bizarre sense of territory invasion takers over and people are hounded out – by others reminding them of their length of tenure. Weird.

          And I do appreciate you bringing breaking news stories to my attention at times – I’m often busy writing and can miss stuff by an hour or so.

  6. firstly judge, do you think this would have been to replace DC when he left at the end of 2008?

    Also, could this be a ploy from Alonso to make sure Vettel and himself are never team mates by creating more “tension” between the two (teams and drivers)?

    • I don’t think Alonso would lie outright – but maybe before he joined McLaren was more likely in timing.

      I’m sure her doctor will respond – he can’t help himself

    • Interesting angle regarding Alonso not wanting to be team-mates with Vettel. He may actually be afraid of a direct comparison. Towards the end of last year it appeared he really started to feel the pressure, this was displayed by some unbecoming behaviour on race weekends (mostly off camera if I recall correctly).

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