Crashgate: No further action, Vettel is on community service and not allowed to endorse any road safety

The FIA remained deeply concerned by the wider implications of the incident, firstly through the impact such behaviour may have on fans and young competitors worldwide and secondly due to the damage such behaviour may cause to the FIA’s image and reputation of the sport.

Following detailed discussion and further examination of video and data evidence related to the incident, Sebastian Vettel admitted full responsibility.

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Vettel should prove his manliness “out of the car face to face” – Lewis

The 2017 Baku Grand prix was not without its highlights and there will be many stories that will come as a result over the next few days, but as well as headlines there were many incidents. By far the key incident of the race was at the end of lap 19 where Hamilton slowed dramatically to back up the field which resulted in Vettel’s Ferrari trying to violate Hamilton’s gearbox.

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