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How did I do for the last Grand Prix?

Not really sure, the reading was mainly about young drivers getting serious consideration for ‘Safe’ seats, then during the break Gasly gets dumped and Albon gets his seat, so it’s kind of a win. The Moon moves into Libra, this can see people avoiding confrontation, sitting on the fence can be seen as a need to please everyone.

With the Moon in opposition to Chiron, it can see a strain of emotional insecurity running through the race. The Moon in Square to Saturn can see a lack of self worth and being weighed down by responsibility, with contractual negotiations in full swing, those drivers whose results haven’t been as good as they could have been maybe feeling vulnerable.




What can we expect to see in the Belgian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Justice

What to look out for – Ace of Swords

Outcome – Knight of Spears


Mood for the weekend: Justice

Ned Stark sits on the Iron Throne; above him are the scales of Justice, he looks weighed down with responsibility.

This is a Major Arcana card, it shows the answer is has is very important to this weekend.

This card is exactly what it says on the tin, Justice will prevail, actions will have fair consequences and those who have acted outside the law will get what’s coming to them, this card also deals with cause and effect, the consequences of the previous action. The name that comes to mind seeing this card is Red Bull, with their demotion of Pierre Gasly, the consequence may possibly be seen this weekend, possibly as a big dose of Karma, good or bad Karma I don’t know.

It could also see the Stewards having a lot to do as well this weekend, as the upholders of the Law, an incident will divide the paddock but Justice will be done this weekend.


What to look out for: Ace of Swords

A black gloved hand holds Longclaw on the other side of the wall (We can safely assume the hand belongs to Jon Snow)

The suit of Swords represents the element of air, which in turn shows us logic, communication and challenges,

This card is asking that we cut through the confusion and solve a problem that leads to personal growth. Going back to my thoughts on the first card being about Red Bull, could this show Gasly saying “£$%& you, I’ll show you just how wrong you were to get rid of me” (all said in French, of course)

Another part of this card is truth and justice, doing what’s right, championing a cause and establishing the truth. Could someone be about to throw a spanner in the works of 2021, perhaps one of the teams, the EU or the GPDA?


Outcome: Knight of Spears

Jaime Lannister in all his Kingsguard glory sits astride his horse, ready to charge off on some adventure.

The suit of Spears represents the element of fire, this shows, creativity, pizzazz, passion and self will.

Court cards can also represent people as well as situations.

This card represents a self-reliant charming, somewhat cocky individual who thinks he can do no wrong.

Reckless confidence is a good description of this card. Going back to the first card where I said the stewards will be busy and an incident that divides the paddock will be dealt with justly, I have a feeling, this card will be the cause of that, there are several drivers that fit the description of this Knight. The outcome of the incident will I believe, won’t change the drivers’ view of himself or his actions, but the fan’s may start to see him as less of a hero than before, his reputation will be dented for quite a while.



Justice will be hovering over Spa this weekend for a number of different reasons, the actual justice card, I believe, will see the stewards very busy with one particular incident dividing the paddock and fans but justice will be done. Whoever caused this incident will believe it wasn’t his fault, his team will bluster and hint at bias but justice will be done and his reputation will take a battering. Will Gasly show Red Bull just how wrong they were not to put their faith in him and someone or some group could be stirring trouble for the 2021 negotiations?

I picked up my deck to put it away, the card on the bottom is The Magician, on the card its Littlefinger, the Magician is a trickster as well as someone who has everything at his fingertips to make his plans and ambitions take shape. Beware of this man; his plans aren’t for the good of the sport, only for himself. Someone wants power and glory for himself.



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