Reading indicates: Nobody will be playing ‘nice’ in Brazil, & here’s why


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NOTE FROM THE ED – Our contributor made her reading last Thursday, & this Judge was tardy publishing it. Apologies Reefgirl…


First I would like to apologise for my absence of late, I broke my right wrist 6 weeks ago so I have been unable to shuffle my cards or to type properly, but now I am recovered and ready to deal again.

In the Heavens lately, Mercury went Retrograde on 31st October, which may explain some of the howlers made in the races lately, so keep an eye on Ferrari and McLaren this weekend, they seem to suffer the most in Mercury Retrograde.

On Sunday, the moon is squared with Mars, which can see emotions boiling over, and arguments starting, and with the communications on the fritz due to Mercury in Retrograde, thing best left unsaid may be said in the heat of the moment. This aspect is what is known as Void of Course. This is the time that the moon is moving from one aspect to another, this means it is not a good time to make important decisions, sign contracts or start new projects.





What can we expect to see at the Brazilian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The Lovers

What to look out for – The Sun

Outcome – The Hermit

A quick look over shows that all of these cards are Major Arcana, this reading will shake some foundations and have a lasting impact on the paddock due to the importance these cards are showing in the reading.

Mood for the Weekend: The Lovers

On the card, Jon Snow and Ygritte stand on top of the wall, they look like they’re about to kiss but they’re not looking into each other’s eyes, they are both looking over the others shoulder.

This card is all about making a choice with your heart rather than your head; this could appeal to someone who has nothing to lose. The top two places are established at the top of the WDC but third is still up for grabs, so all thoughts of team orders, fair play and other niceties may go out of the window when the red lights go out. Personally I think this card is pointing to bragging rights and a feeling of being owed for favours given.


What to look out for: The Sun

On the card, a young dragon is sat on a perch in a walled garden he is roaring at the sun, which is shaped like an astrolabe. To the left of him is an urn filled with sunflowers.

The words of Lennon and McCartney best sum up the essence of this card “Here comes the Sun, it’s all right”. It’s saying it’s perfectly ok to celebrate your achievements and let the world know just what you are made of and that you have made your mark on the world.

This card also shows enlightenment, so the penny may drop for someone and they may have an ‘Ah-ha’ moment, suddenly it all becomes clear and using the heart over head essence for the first card they will get the breakthrough they have been searching for. With the amount of young drivers doing so well this year, this card is more than likely pointing to a young driver strutting his stuff.


Outcome: The Hermit

On the card, Bran Stark is staring up at a three eyed raven that is perched on a lantern.

This is a card of solitude in order to think things over and seek understanding regarding choices that need to be made.

Following on from the previous cards, some drivers and team principles will have to do some serious contemplating over the winter break, the kids are coming and they are going to show no respect for experience and how many WDC’s you they see your drive and they want it.

Do team principles stick with the tried and trusted or do they take a gamble on the up and coming. The same can be said for drivers, do you sit in your nice safe seat and expect people to treat you like a god because you’ve run rough shod over  all before you and no-one has stood up to you.

But now the kids are coming and they are not going to roll over and play dead for you, they want your drive, your crown and they won’t play nice, no matter what you say. This winter break will all about pulling up your big boy pants and deal with the coming storm.



The best way to sum up this reading is with the words “Let’s get ready to rumble” and with all of these cards being Major Arcana it’s going to have lasting repercussions.

People are not going to play nice when competing for third place in both championships, there’s a lot of pride at stake here.

The young drivers and the rookies will be looking at their place in the team and the championships with pride and making plans for the next phase of their career, which will leave a lot of others, of more mature years, wondering if there is a place for them.

The winter break will be best used to contemplate what happens next, the youngsters are coming, it’s either kill or be killed, you will have to adapt.




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