McLaren could regret Lafiti investment?

Dubious investments requiring regrettable future payment.

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Monaco GP – How did I do last time?

I think I’d put that down as a win, ok I got the drivers wrong but Dan will be set up for life after this win, yes it was a procession and everyone knew that Red Bull would wipe the floor with everyone else. However, nursing the stricken Red Bull home for 50 laps and not throwing his toys out of the pram has probably added several millions to his asking price.

Astrologically speaking this weekend, the moon will move into Taurus, again, so this weekend will see emotions grounded, it will also see a lot of attention being show towards money. With the Moon is Square with Mars, anger could rear its head from time to time, so look out for bad tempered radio calls and press briefings.



What can we expect to see for the Canadian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Page of Coins

What to look out for – Two of Coins

Outcome – The Magician

Mood for the Weekend: Page of Coins

On the card, Tyrion Lannister catches a bag of coins.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, this, in turn, means money, career, family home and the actual earth.

This suit is all about money. This particular card shows good news about money and income through a new job, however there is a time limit so it’s not time to drag your feet about this.

Could this mean new investment in the sport or in teams and does it come with conditions. With the news that Michael Lafiti has a purchased 10% stake in McLaren and being Nicholas Lafiti’s father, is the condition here that his son gets a seat in F1 a la Lawrence and Lance Stroll, a Page does indicate a young person?

What to look out for: Two of Coins

On the card, a ribbon surrounds two gold dragon coins. At the ends of the ribbon two lions sit. Printed on the ribbon is the phrase “A Lannister always pays his debts”, the unofficial motto of House Lannister.

Another money card, this card is all about juggling your finances, robbing Peter to pay Paul to keep the money flowing. In the show, the crown is in serious debt, the Iron bank wants payment but the coffers are empty, Cersei’s former allies the Tyrell’s, the richest family in Westeros, are now her enemy, so she steals the Tyrell gold and grain in a lightning strike against Lady Olenna. But Karma strikes, Daenerys strikes back, burning the Lannister army and the supplies they stole, Cersei has the gold but no-one has any supplies and winter is here, She’s robbed Peter and paid Paul but at what cost? Money is at the heart of this weekend, with talk of budget caps for 2020, more expensive engines, plus the propaganda being spewed out of every team, Liberty and the FIA, choices need to be made for the good of the entire sport.

Outcome: The Magician

On the card, the figure on the card is Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, standing in his brothel. Behind him, on a red, shelved wall are the suit symbols, the Sword is represented by Catspaw, the Valyrian steel dagger that was used to try to kill Bran Stark after his fall and ultimately caused Littlefinger’s downfall at the hands of the Stark children. As well as the suit symbols is the infinity symbol and the necklace he used to frame Sansa Stark for Joffrey’s murder, there is also a raven and scroll, information is key to Littlefinger’s machinations. On his coat is a broach of a Mockingbird. A Mockingbird imitates the sounds of other birds and animals and this is Littlefinger all over, changing his tune to suit his ends.

This is a Major Arcana card, its message is important in this reading.

Traditionally, the Magician stands for using everything at his fingertips to get what he wants and he will get what he wants, by fair means or foul, he is also a trickster which is Littlefinger all over.

This card could mean all kinds of trouble; someone is putting all their pieces in place to get exactly what they want. Now that they have everything at their fingertips, they could very well make a play for power. The paddock needs to be aware of this person, not only is he powerful but a trickster, he will stop at nothing and use everything in his power to get into a position of power, just like Littlefinger. But remember what happened to Littlefinger, he spent so long teaching Sansa his ways that she used them against him, this could also be a warning, be careful of your Chosen One, they could be your downfall.


Money is the word that will be on everyone’s lips this weekend, whether it’s an investor in the sport of a team that may have conditions attached, a team that has to juggle their finances to stay afloat. Accepting money from a dubious source, possibly the same source from the first card that has a condition attached, could also have a Karmic reaction when the benefactor wants repayment.

Beware of this mysterious benefactor or someone in authority, he’s not to be trusted, he’s been putting all the pieces into place and he’s now ready to put his plans into action, by fair means or foul. Remember what happened when Littlefinger held a knife to Ned Stark’s throat, he said, “I did warn you not to trust me”

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