Hamilton calls Max a ‘Dick Head’

Never one to stray far from controversy, Lewis Hamilton hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons again. The latest on Lewis Hamilton; an apparent fit of temper, Hamilton insulted the dutch driver when watching a replay of the race and the early laps incident between himself and Verstappen in the 2018 Bahrain GP.

Views are divided over Max’s move on Lewis, but one thing was noticeable, a Red Bull blew past a Mercedes with little bother.

When arriving at the corner, Verstappen was faced with a slow moving Alonso on the apex so he moved left and wider to avoid him. Whilst doing so he forced Hamilton on his outside across the circuit. Lewis refused to give way – even though behind – and his front wing sliced Verstappen’s rear tyre, in effect ending the young Dutchman’s race.

Interestingly Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, defended Verstappen stating after the race: “The fight was tough. Max is an aggressive racer, Lewis is an aggressive racer. People turn on the TV to see how their fight turns out.”

What’s sure in life and F1 is that, ‘what goes around comes around’. So let’s see how Lewis handles his next self induced Rosberg/Barcelona kind of moment.

After Vettel winning the first two races of the F1 season, the F1 statisticians have been furiously searching the annuls of time – and have revealed the following. Since 1982, every driver winning the opening two rounds of an F1 season has gone on to claim the drivers’ title that year.

Let’s hope for F1’s sake, we get some variety in 2018 and not the Hamilton Mercedes procession of last year.


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