Raikkonen: “I’m so sorry for the injury & I hope he’s okay”

What happened to Raikkonen at Bahrain? Aside from the race itself, a botched pitstop led to a horrific leg injury of a tyre change mechanic.

What happened to Raikkonen

The light went green for Kimi Raikkonen, so the Ferrari driver left his pit box assuming the wheel had been change. Unfortunately for Ferrari mechanic Francesco Cigarini, his team hadn’t managed to complete their part of the tyre change and he was in the path of the rear wheel. As a result, Cigarini’s leg was run over, breaking the shinbone and fibula on live TV.

Kimi explains; “I did not notice anything, because I only pay attention to whether the light of the pit light turns green. I do not know what’s going on in my back. I did exactly what I have to do. I started to go when the light jumped to green. ”

“Of course, I’m so sorry for the injury and I hope he’s okay, I sat in the car and therefore did not know what exactly was going on. But there were enough doctors here at the track, they’ll certainly look after him very well. ”

Many F1 fans took to Twitter to display their displeasure at Kimi seemingly ‘not caring’ enough to walk over to the injured man on the ground after the incident.

Francesco Cigarini went into surgery soon after the incident.

Taking to Instagram, the Italian revealed: “Surgery ok. I have to thanks all the people worried for me. Nothing else, just a big thanks. Hugs!”

Following treatment at the circuit Cigarini was subsequently transferred to Bahrain’s BDF Hospital, 20 minutes form the Sakhir circuit, where he underwent surgery late last night.

Raikkonen posted a comment “get well soon mate”, to his Cigarini’s Instagram account.

Ferrari will be fined €50,000 for the incident.


What happened to Raikkonen at Bahrain Grand Prix – TJ13 Post race reaction

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4 responses to “Raikkonen: “I’m so sorry for the injury & I hope he’s okay”

  1. Amazing that people blamed Kimi for that. Lollipop system showed green light and then you go. From the mirror Kimi cant see exactly how trained mechanist stand on the way wrong side of the wheel compairing other teams in similar pit stop. 👍

    • I certainly didn’t blame Kimi, but I was disappointed that he didn’t check on his crewman.
      Maybe he didn’t realize what had happened.

      • I thought it interesting and possibly revealing that Vettel asked for (demanded) delay in going to his press duties until he’d found out how the injured guy was whereas Kimi strolled off to do his interviews without bothering to find out. (And if he’d tried then surely his answer to the question would have been “They couldn’t tell me yet” not “I don’t know”.)
        I agree he’s absolutely not to blame for the incident – that “can” needs to be carried by someone in Ferrari management. But he doesn’t seem to have realised the impression he’s giving since.

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