Las Vegas GP: Insane numbers revealed

As the Formula One caravan prepares to descend on Las Vegas, the city famous for its dazzling lights and high-stakes gambling, the numbers behind the Grand Prix reveal an event of colossal proportions.

From the significant financial investment to the logistics of the circuit itself, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to be a landmark event on the F1 calendar.


A high roller on the F1 circuit

Liberty Media, the parent company of Formula One, has invested in excess of a staggering half a billion dollars in securing the land and constructing the state-of-the-art pit building on the famous Las Vegas Strip. This investment underscores the anticipated grandeur of the event and the potential financial windfall expected from the race.


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Race Week Extravaganza

Unlike typical Grand Prix weekends, the Las Vegas event kicks off with an elaborate opening ceremony on Wednesday, well before the weekend’s main event. The ceremony is a star-studded affair with world-renowned DJs and musicians such as Steve Aoki and Swedish House Mafia ensuring the entertainment quotient is as high octane as the race itself.


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A circuit built for thrills

The Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit is designed to provide a thrilling experience for drivers and spectators alike. The 6.12-kilometre track features three straights, each over 800 metres long, and a long 1.9-kilometre section where cars can reach top speeds.

The circuit’s layout promises to deliver a high-speed spectacle in keeping with the city’s fast-paced lifestyle say the track designers.


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Navigating the neon-lit nightscape

The timing of the race adds to its appeal, with the main event taking place on a Saturday night, a departure from the usual Sunday races. This prime time slot promises to attract a global audience, although it does present unique challenges, such as colder nighttime temperatures that can affect tyre performance.


A financial jackpot for F1

The financial impact of the Las Vegas Grand Prix is significant. The event is expected to generate around £100 million per race, with a contract already in place to continue the spectacle until 2032. This lucrative agreement demonstrates Formula One’s confidence in the Las Vegas race’s ability to attract large crowds and high levels of engagement.


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Insane numbers revealed

Formula 1 in Las Vegas is crazy – and so are the prices. The most expensive ticket package costs $5 million. Then again, where else can you exchange vows on a racetrack? Numbers for the Grand Prix in the gambler’s paradise.

1 – A wedding chapel will be set up in the paddock. Formula 1 fans can get married in the fast lane.

1.2 – The Grand Prix is expected to pump the equivalent of €1.2 billion into the local economy.

5 – The most expensive F1 package is called the “Emperor Package”. It costs $5 million and includes five nights in the Nobu Sky Villa, which is almost 1,000 square metres and has a terrace of more than 400 square metres. There are also twelve VIP tickets for the race weekend and a Rolls-Royce chauffeur service.

22 – The size of the brand new pit area is approximately 22 football pitches.

38 – For the first time since the 1985 South African Grand Prix, 38 years ago, the race will be held on a Saturday. The race will start at 22:00 local time.



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The Las Vegas F1 race in figures: What it costs

50 laps are completed. There are 17 turns on the 6.201 kilometre circuit. The centrepiece is the 1.9 kilometre straight through Las Vegas Boulevard, the world-famous Strip. Speeds in excess of 340 km/h are expected.

460 – Formula One rights holder Liberty Media invested more than half a billion euros in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

1750 – Temporary floodlights have been installed around the track to help illuminate the night race.

2600 – The glowing Formula 1 logo on the roof of the pit area is approximately 2600 square metres in size. It’s an oversized eye-catcher.

315,000 – Formula 1 is expecting a total of 315,000 spectators over the three days of the event. That would be a sell-out so whether that is achieved or not will likely denote just how successful the event truly is.

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