Verstappen’s crucial phone call revealed

In the fierce, competitive world of Formula One, prodigious talents like Max Verstappen stand out not only for their raw speed and fearless racing, but also for the pivotal moments that launch their careers onto the world stage.

One such defining moment for Verstappen came in the form of a phone call with Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, which would set the young Dutchman on the path to F1 stardom.


From karting to Formula 1

Max Verstappen’s journey began in the intense proving grounds of karting, where he not only honed his driving skills but also amassed an impressive array of trophies and accolades.

It was during these formative years that Verstappen’s potential became undeniably clear. In 2014, he made the transition to Formula racing and within a single year in the European Formula 3 Championship, Verstappen’s talent was clear, as evidenced by his ten victories for Van Amersfoort Racing.


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The leap of faith: Verstappen’s fast track to F1

Verstappen’s leap from F3 to F1 has been nothing short of meteoric. He was recruited by Toro Rosso, Red Bull Racing’s sister team, at the tender age of 17. Critics and pundits were sceptical, given Verstappen’s age and relative inexperience – at the time he was too young to hold a driving licence in his own country without supervision.

But that didn’t stop the young driver from accepting the challenge and stepping onto the F1 grid.


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The momentous call: Helmut Marko’s vision

It was a phone call from Helmut Marko that would mark the turning point in Verstappen’s career. Recalling Verstappen’s exceptional performance in his junior years, Marko told how he contacted Jos Verstappen, Max’s father and former F1 driver turned manager.

Marko’s message was clear: “Leave everything behind: we’re going straight to F1”.

“Max drove like he was from another planet,” quotes from Marko’s memories. 

With this bold declaration, Marko proved he had faith in the young talent, a faith that was soon to pay dividends.




Max Verstappen didn’t just enter Formula 1, he took it by storm. In his rookie season, he outperformed his more experienced rivals to finish a respectable twelfth in the championship standings. From there, Verstappen’s career only went up.

After just one season with Toro Rosso, he was promoted to the main Red Bull Racing team, where his potential would be fully realised. His debut race with the senior team resulted in a win at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.


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The making of a world champion

Helmut Marko’s early gamble on Verstappen would pay off handsomely. Over the following seasons, Verstappen grew from a promising young driver into a formidable force on the track. His aggressive yet calculated driving style and relentless pursuit of victory culminated in a hat-trick of world championships, cementing his status as one of the pre-eminent drivers in modern Formula One.


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The legacy of a phone call

Looking back, that momentous phone call between Helmut Marko and Jos Verstappen represents more than just a career opportunity for a young driver. It symbolises the keen eye for talent and bold decision-making that are hallmarks of Red Bull’s racing philosophy, in particular Helmut Marko. It is fair to say that the Austrian has made some odd choices in his time, many of which never paid off, but the Verstappen choice certainly could be considered a hit.

As Max Verstappen continues to dominate the world of Formula One, his rise serves as an inspiring story of how a combination of talent, opportunity and the belief of an experienced mentor can set the course for a superstar in the making.

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