The reason why Red Bull are so fast discovered

The Red Bull Formula One team has set an unprecedented standard of success in the 2023 season, winning 19 out of 20 Grands Prix, with reigning champion Max Verstappen taking 17 of those victories.

The team’s RB19 has become the benchmark for excellence, a model that rival teams are keen to emulate ahead of the 2024 season.


A cut above the rest

Speaking on the F1 Nation podcast, Tom Clarkson distilled the essence of Red Bull’s triumph down to one defining characteristic: consistency. Red Bull’s ability to maintain peak performance at different tracks has set them apart from the competition, which has seen more fluctuating fortunes.


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“I think, in a nutshell, what we’ve seen from Mercedes actually explains the difference between Red Bull and the entire grid,” said Tom Clarkson,

“I don’t believe that, at any point – maybe Suzuka – that Red Bull have been miles ahead of the opposition.

“They’ve just been more consistent…

“That RB19 has performed at every race-track whereas everyone else has been up and down like a yo-yo.”


The contrast with Mercedes’ performance has been stark. The once dominant team suffered what Toto Wolff called their “worst weekend in 13 years” at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. In response to their recent shortcomings, Mercedes have reshuffled their key personnel in a bid to mount a stronger challenge next season.



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Insights from emerging talent

Gabriel Bortoletto, the new Formula 3 champion, weighed in on the discussion, noting Lewis Hamilton’s status and his obvious frustration with current performance saying: “There is no doubt what he’s capable of doing,”

“He’s in a moment he doesn’t like very much. Mercedes are struggling to get their car back,” said Bortoletto. However, he remains optimistic about the team’s chances of recovery, pointing out that “nothing is impossible”.

“But that’s how Formula 1 works,” explains Bortloletto,

“There was a time when Mercedes dominated the championship but now they are having problems, and Red Bull are dominating.

“Nothing is impossible.

“We’ve seen what McLaren did, getting close to Red Bull. Why can’t Mercedes do that, as well?”



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Why consistency matters

Red Bull’s consistent delivery of race-winning performance has been a masterclass in precision engineering and strategic acumen. While the RB19 has not been unassailable in terms of raw pace, its adaptability and reliability have been remarkable.

This ability to get the most out of the car, regardless of the track, is what many believe is the ‘Red Bull magic’.

As teams set their sights on the 2024 season, Red Bull’s formula for winning will be the pursuit of the entire grid. With the bar set high, next season promises to be a battleground for technical ingenuity and strategic brilliance.  Given the dynamic nature of F1, it remains to be seen who will rise to the standard set by Red Bull.

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