Shock offer for F1 drivers as ‘Grid Girls’ return for Vegas

Las Vegas Grand Prix unleashes racy promotions as F1 descends on Sin City. As the Formula One circus rolls into Las Vegas for the much-anticipated inaugural Grand Prix, the drivers are being greeted with offers that embody Sin City’s infamous indulgence and excess.

In a bold move that reflects the outrageous spirit of Las Vegas, local brothel workers have made a racy offer to the competing F1 drivers, promising a Grand Prix experience that extends far beyond the track.


An offer to get the drivers going

The high-speed thrills of Formula One racing are set to merge with the risqué allure of Las Vegas nightlife, as brothel workers from the Chicken Ranch have come up with a tempting proposition.

In a city that pulses with the promise of entertainment, Addison Gray and Alice Little, two brothel professionals, have stirred the pot by offering F1 athletes “100 per cent free coitus”.

Their offer comes as the city prepares for a week-long extravaganza, complete with an opening ceremony featuring global music icons and a party atmosphere that will envelop the Strip.




Las Vegas: A playground of temptation

Las Vegas’ reputation as a global hub for gambling, shopping and high-end entertainment is unparalleled, with millions drawn to its vibrant energy each year. The city’s liberal attitude to adult entertainment, unique among American states, has earned it the nickname ‘Sin City’, a place where desires are not only acknowledged but flamboyantly celebrated.

The Chicken Ranch workers’ provocative proposal is indicative of the city’s embrace of its adult entertainment industry and its eagerness to leave a lasting impression on the F1 fraternity.


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A nod to the past: Reviving the spirit of the ‘Grid Girls’

The Chicken Ranch offer is more than just a lascivious gesture; it’s a nod to the nostalgia of F1’s past, when ‘grid girls’ added a layer of glamour to the sport. Gray’s comments reflect a desire to reintroduce the exuberance of sex appeal into the F1 spectacle, to a time before such displays were deemed outdated and sidelined.

The brothel workers’ discount for fans, along with the drivers’ invitation, is a call to relive an era when the sensual and the glamorous were an integral part of the racing experience. Just look at James Hunt.


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Previous X-rated invitations: A tradition of temptation

This is not the first time the Chicken Ranch has courted the attention of sports teams. Following the NHL triumph of the Vegas Golden Knights, the team was similarly invited to indulge in the brothel’s hedonistic offerings.

Little’s enthusiastic invitation underlined the city’s love for its champions and offered a free celebration that promised unbridled pleasure through ‘carnal delights’.


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The Las Vegas Grand Prix is more than just another race on the F1 calendar; it’s a fusion of high-octane sport and the uninhibited spirit of its host city. The offer from the Chicken Ranch workers is a testament to Las Vegas’ identity as a city that revels in its adult entertainment industry.

As the engines rev and the neon lights flicker, the Grand Prix of Las Vegas promises to be an event where the thrill of the race meets the allure of the night, and where every desire finds its playground.

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  1. What has F1 descended to ? This will go down as the start of the end of the elite of motor racing. I will not be watching. The scrabble for more and more money is sickening

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