Horner’s scathing attack on Ted Kravitz reopens old wounds

Amid the high-octane excitement of the US Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner reignited a year-old feud with Sky Sports F1 pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz.

The outspoken Horner took the opportunity after the Sprint Shootout to launch a scathing attack on Kravitz, reopening a rift that many thought had been healed, or at least forgotten.


A brief history of a spat

It was at the 2022 Austin Grand Prix that the bad blood first manifested itself. Ted Kravitz, known for his no-holds-barred style of journalism, had provoked a considerable backlash from Red Bull Racing with a comment he made on his Notebook show.

Kravitz suggested that Lewis Hamilton’s defeat by Max Verstappen was like a “movie script” after being “robbed” at the season finale in Abu Dhabi the previous year.

The comment didn’t sit well with the Red Bull team, who subsequently boycotted interviews with Sky Sports, starting with the Mexican Grand Prix. Red Bull claimed that Sky Sports’ coverage had not been impartial, with Kravitz a focal point of their criticism.

The boycott was eventually lifted and normal interview relations resumed, or so it seemed.



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The unforgettable spat resurfaces

Despite letting bygones be bygones, it was clear at the recent US Grand Prix that Horner had neither forgotten nor forgiven the incident. During the Sprint Shootout session, Kravitz had reported that Verstappen was struggling with a minor car problem.

When asked about it, Horner responded with a zinger: “Ted’s always talking… usually not out of his mouth…”

Presenter Simon Lazenby jumped in to say that Horner’s comment was “unfair”. Unfazed, Horner went on to explain that there were some “electrical tidbits” and “driveability stuff” that the team needed to sort out before the race, dismissing any concerns about the car’s reliability.


New Red Bull livery breaks cover



Fan reaction: A mixed bag

Horner’s dig has provoked strong reactions from fans. Some are demanding an apology from the Red Bull team principal for what they see as an “unacceptable” remark. One fan took to social media to say: “Horner needs to apologise to Ted Kravitz. That was a totally unacceptable comment to make to the world, and Max definitely said he had an electrical problem,”

Others, particularly Red Bull loyalists, seemed to enjoy the mockery. One such fan took to Twitter and wrote: “Christian Horner calling out Ted Kravitz for talking nonsense. That’s my team boss!”



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While the off-track drama unfolded, Verstappen managed to take pole position for the sprint race, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc joining him on the front row.

The ongoing friction between Christian Horner and Ted Kravitz has added another layer of intrigue to an already thrilling F1 season. It remains to be seen whether the spat will escalate or be put to bed for good. But for now, it’s clear that the tension is far from over.

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6 responses to “Horner’s scathing attack on Ted Kravitz reopens old wounds

    • I’m with Christian Horner – I can’t abide the Notebook and all the rubbish that Kravitz talks – mostly just aimed at confirming his own self importance – to himself!!!

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  2. Christian is NOT wrong here!! Of course he beats a grudge – Kravitz’s comment about Max’s first title was TOTALLY unnecessary and derogatory – did HE make a public apology? If so, it wasn’t reported widely enough – I’m not aware of it. Most commentators just feel the need to talk non-stop – it’s not necessary, and as a consequence they often spout nonsense …

    If one dishes out slurs, one has to suck them up when given back!

  3. The world would be a better place without Kravitz little works with his notebook. He adds absolutely nothing.

  4. Well Ted was right about Hamilton being robbed and Horner’s indignation was just a smokescreen as Wheatley had browbeat Massi into not following the rules

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