Hill responds to Schumacher having his F1 title “stripped”

The world of Formula One often erupts into debates about the legitimacy of championships, controversies and what-ifs. One of those legendary controversies has been reignited as calls resurface for Michael Schumacher to be retrospectively stripped of his 1994 world title – a championship in which he narrowly beat Damon Hill by a single point.

British former F1 driver and world champion of 1996 has now offered a cheeky response to these latest claims, suggesting a partnership with Felipe Massa, who is himself in a legal battle to overturn the title won by Lewis Hamilton in 2008.



The infamous 1994 season

The 1994 F1 season ended in one of the most controversial ways the sport has ever seen. In the final race of the year, the Australian Grand Prix, Schumacher and Hill were involved in a collision on lap 36 which resulted in both retiring from the race. The collision was seen by many as deliberate by Schumacher, but the stewards ruled it a racing incident. This allowed the German to secure his first championship at Hill’s expense.



Controversial opinion from a journalist

The debate has been reignited by Peter Benoit, a highly respected Formula One journalist, who recently stated in an interview that the 1994 title “should actually be taken away from [Schumacher] because he only won it because of his foul on Damon Hill”.

“As a six-time world champion, he definitely belongs in the top 5,” said Benoit to Blick newspaper.

Benoit went as far as to say that in his eyes Schumacher should only be considered a six-time champion, not a seven-time champion.


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Hill’s tongue-in-cheek response

Taking to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Hill responded to the argument with humour, writing:

“Slightly surprised to discover this. Does anyone have Massa’s phone number?”

The comment is a reference to Felipe Massa’s ongoing legal battle to have the 2008 championship – won in dramatic circumstances by Lewis Hamilton – awarded to him instead.


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Context of the controversy

Schumacher’s 1994 championship came under immense scrutiny. Before the fateful collision, he had damaged his car by hitting a wall. Knowing that Hill was fast approaching and likely to pass him, many believe Schumacher deliberately collided with Hill to prevent his rival from finishing the race.

Both cars were forced to retire, preserving Schumacher’s one-point lead and handing him the championship.


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Hill’s reflective view of Schumacher

In previous interviews, Hill has stated that he never had a close relationship with Schumacher, despite their on-track rivalry.

“I didn’t have much to do with Michael,” Hill once said, attributing this lack of connection to their racing rivalry and the fact that Schumacher continued to race long after Hill had retired.

It’s worth noting that the two drivers took very different paths in life – Hill retired from the sport and became a commentator, while Schumacher continued racing until a skiing accident in 2013 severely damaged his health with a brain injury.


While the idea of overturning championships years after they’ve been decided is a controversial one, the comments made by both Benoit and Hill have certainly added fuel to a debate that has been simmering for nearly 30 years.

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14 responses to “Hill responds to Schumacher having his F1 title “stripped”

  1. The business of stripping winning awards is really getting pathetic. These titles were awarded at the time they were awarded now how many years later attempts are being made by Reubens Barrichello and now suddenly Michael Schumacher is being questioned on one of his titles and now questions about Max Verstappen is being targeted for his win against poor Hamiltons 8th title loss. Come on why weren’t these wins questioned at the time they were awarded. Grand Prix is becoming more and more like a fucked up soapy!!

  2. Strip Schumi of another title? He was stripped already of all his points one year, yet Lewis and Mercedes been given illegally and unfairly 3 years more development for the Hibrid cars. Then Lewis should be stripped of at least the 3 or 4 first ones of his Hibrid titles, as Mercedes had an unfair advantage according to Loewe who worked for Mercedes at the time, they had to tune down their engines in Qualyfying to avoid being found out by other teams.

    • He only has his points taken away from the previous season which had no impact but Ferrari lover ecclestone said it would show on record he had paid the penalty and that was because of another shunt attempt

  3. The rules should stay. The drivers should keep to the track limits. The Tom foolery from Hamilton did the sports no favours. All the British people that made a huge commitment to follow Hamilton thousands of miles away must have been extremely disappointed to see a first corner incident. Hamilton should be made to pay the races day ticket back to all his British followers.

    • Amazing how people always go for Schumi, but never say anything about Senna.
      -The deliberate taking out of Prost in first corner of the race to win the title and even admitting it.
      – Senna hitting Eddie Ervine with his fists on Eddie’s head after Eddie legitimately overtook him.

  4. Amazing how people always gun Schumi, but never the other like Senna who took Prost out on the first corner of race to take the title.
    And even admitting it.

    • Well senna was the drivers driver champion of all time and he never denied any incidents any F1 driver will tell you senna gave you an option take or brake it was only mansell who threw the gauntlet and got respect.thats when racing was racing not like today where the team principal go screaming for rule check

  5. Schumacher was a cheat ,no if no buts watch his performances with ,Hill,Mansel and co ,you will see his deliberate driving to take other driver’s out who dared get in his way or even pass him

  6. I don’t think Damon is that fussed now he and most F1 fans know he should have won the title but as like Hamilton being robbed of his 8th it won’t change neither will massa’s we just carry on regardless

  7. Absolutely ridiculous, Michael was a master technician, in my opinion, it’s a very low act, taking a swing at a person who can’t properly defend themselves….

  8. There is enough people around to protect Michael’s legacy. Great driver but let’s be fair here, he deliberately drived into Hill and did the same with Villeneuve. One attempt worked, the other didn’t. Senna is a legend and in the context of Prost, there is a lengthy back story to that ie his disqualification for driving the wrong way on a track which was preposterous. Massa should jog on. I love F1 as the above happens on the track. What Massa is doing is embarrassing and changes my view on what I thought was a very eloquent driver

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