Perez admits: I need a break from Red Bull

Sergio Pérez’s performance at the Belgian Grand Prix left him feeling at a loss as he once again found himself outclassed by his teammate, Max Verstappen. Starting four places ahead of Verstappen, the Mexican driver quickly overtook Charles Leclerc and briefly led the race.

However, Verstappen’s relentless pace soon saw him overtake Pérez, ultimately finishing the race 22 seconds ahead of his teammate.



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After the race, Pérez acknowledged the team’s overall success but admitted to feeling disappointed with his own performance.

“It was a good race for the team. We had a good start and managed to overtake Charles, which was one of today’s goals,” Pérez commented in an interview with Sky Sports.

However, he struggled to match Verstappen’s pace and conceded that there was little he could do to challenge his teammate.


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“From then on it was just my race and Max went through pretty quickly in the second stint. There was nothing I could do about it,” explained Pérez.

Verstappen’s strong performance came despite starting from sixth place due to a gearbox change. His victory secured a comfortable Red Bull double victory, further highlighting Pérez’s difficulties in matching his teammate’s dominance. Pérez revealed that he focused on driving his own race after Verstappen’s overtaking move and accepted that Verstappen’s form was simply superior

“It was a difficult period, but we overcame it and scored some great points for the team today,” continued Pérez.



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Perez: “needs the summer break”

Acknowledging the challenging period he has faced, Pérez expressed relief that Formula 1 is now heading into a summer break.

“I really need the summer break. The last few races have been very strenuous. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll come back very strong,” Pérez said, confirming the desperate need for a break from F1 and Red Bull Racing.

The upcoming break provides him with an opportunity to regroup and potentially close the gap to Verstappen, who currently holds a significant lead in the World Championship standings.

As Formula 1 pauses for the summer break, fans will be eager to see how Pérez and the rest of the field perform when the season resumes at the Dutch Grand Prix on August 25th. For Pérez, the break presents a chance to recharge and refocus as he aims to challenge his teammate and improve his standing in the championship.

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  1. “confirming the desperate need for a break from F1 and Red Bull Racing.”

    Everyone looks toward breaks as a time of reflection and refreshment before tackling. With a statement like that you are stretching the truth.

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