Piastri reacts to Red Bull move

Oscar Piastri, the young Australian driver making waves in Formula 1, has addressed the rumours linking him to Red Bull. Piastri’s remarkable second-place finish in the Belgium sprint race may not officially count as his first Formula 1 podium, but the significance of his performance goes beyond the result on paper.

In the challenging conditions of a wet and unpredictable weekend at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the Australian rookie demonstrated his immense talent and potential, leaving no doubt that he belongs in the world of Formula 1.

Piastri faced a multitude of challenges throughout the weekend. With limited practice time on his maiden visit to the circuit in an F1 car, he had to quickly adapt and find his rhythm. The ever-changing weather conditions posed additional obstacles, with rain coming and going in different sessions, and even within the same minute.


Limited running not a problem

Despite these hurdles, Piastri showcased his adaptability and skill, excelling at the front of the grid. His car’s setup was based mainly on theoretical calculations due to the limited practice opportunities, yet he managed to extract every ounce of performance from the machine.

The young driver’s strong showing at the demanding Spa-Francorchamps circuit not only proved his ability to handle challenging conditions but also solidified his position as a promising talent in the Formula 1 world.

“I feel like it‘s going well,” he said, typically understated. “I feel like in a general trend, it’s going in the right direction.

“There‘ll be ups and downs I’m sure but hopefully it’s more ups.”

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Links to Red Bull seat

Eddie Jordan, former team owner, and pundit, praised Piastri’s talent and connections with Mark Webber, who is managing his career. Jordan suggested that a seat at Red Bull might be in the cards for Piastri in the future.

“The thing that caught my interest yesterday was this guy Piastri,” Jordan told TalkSport after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“For him to come out and qualify on the second row and race like he did, and race against Max… be careful where he’s going to go because I think there is big star quality in there. I’m actually blown away with this young kid, so he’d be one of the drivers I’d be looking at to challenge Max in the future.”

In the past, Jordan has had an uncanny ability to predict bold changes in Formula One. The former team principal has many contacts within the paddock and when Jordan makes statements like this, it’s worth paying attention.


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Verstappen praise for Piastri

Max Verstappen himself commended the Australian’s strong performance and potential, acknowledging that he has experienced being the younger driver competing against established stars.

“I mean, I’ve been in that position as well, where the younger guy comes in…” said Verstappen,

“It’s nice, and it’s great also. I think Oscar is having a very strong season in general, but I think also this weekend he has been really on it.”


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Piastri tipped for big things

Ralf Schumacher and Timo Glock, both former F1 drivers, also spoke highly of Piastri, describing him as one of the best young talents they have seen, displaying remarkable composure and control on the track.

“Oscar is one of the best young drivers I’ve ever seen,” Schumacher told Sport1.

Glock, agrees: “He doesn’t seem like a rookie. It always seems like he’s in control. You don’t get the impression at all that he’s under pressure.”


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McLaren happy with Piastri

McLaren CEO Zak Brown expressed his satisfaction with Piastri’s performance, praising his analytical approach and calm demeanor despite his young age.

“It’s remarkable how calmly and analytically he deals with many situations despite his young age,” he said.

“His performance is particularly impressive given the fact that he has never driven a Formula 1 car at Spa – and then in the rain too.”


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Piastri reacts to Red Bull talk

When asked about the praise and potential Red Bull prospects, Piastri appreciated the positive comments and acknowledged his happiness with his current position, but also highlighted his commitment to continuous improvement and learning from his experienced teammate, Lando Norris.

“It’s flattering to hear those comments.

“I’m very happy where I am, but it’s always nice to be talked about in those kinds of ways.

“I’m happy with where I am driving-wise, although there’s still a lot to improve, a lot to learn. I’ve got a very strong teammate to learn from who just by being a benchmark is a big help for me getting up to speed.

“So yeah – happy where I am.”

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