Hamilton responds to budget cap breaches: Look at Red Bull…

Hamilton responds to rumours of budget breaches by saying that ‘Red Bull constantly brings upgrades’. Lewis Hamilton returns to one of his most successful circuits this weekend. The British driver has already won eight Grands Prix at the Hungaroring and hopes to set a record by claiming victory for the ninth time on the same circuit.

However, his path to success is obstructed by Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing, who seem to be nearly unbeatable. Hamilton has expressed skepticism about Red Bull’s ability to bring another upgrade to this weekend’s race.




Mercedes making steady progress

During an interview with media outlets during the race weekend buildup, Hamilton discussed the progress of his own team throughout the season. He acknowledged that while they are making steady progress, other teams are also taking significant strides.

“I have the impression that we are making progress step by step, but others are also taking steps. Some teams are making bigger strides than we are, but the good thing is that we keep making strides. We are working hard to take bigger steps,”

Despite the competition, Hamilton’s determination remains unwavering, as he and his team work tirelessly to make further improvements. In the last Grand Prix, McLaren surprisingly outperformed Mercedes, showcasing the challenging environment of Formula One under the current rule set.

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Hungaroring happy hunting ground

Reflecting on his past victories at the Hungaroring, Hamilton revealed that his first win for Mercedes ten years ago is not vividly remembered. However, the achievement was a significant moment in his career, proving that Mercedes could compete for championships.

“I don’t really remember that weekend, to be honest. There have been so many, but it certainly wasn’t the most memorable win.

“It must have been a relief, because everyone said it was a bad choice to join this team. I was doubted so much, but I kept believing in my choice. After that first win it was clear that we could win championships.”



McLaren BIG claim for Hungary



Hamilton’s talent has been crucial for Mercedes, especially during periods of lesser performance by the team since 2022. Although teammate George Russell managed to secure pole positions and a victory for the team, Hamilton’s skill has sometimes compensated for the car’s shortcomings.

The Hungaroring has consistently been a strong circuit for Hamilton, and he remains optimistic about his performance this weekend.

“I always try to lean on my talent to make up for the car’s shortfall, but in the end that has often not been enough. This circuit has always been a good circuit for me’, says Hamilton, who has already won eight times in Hungary.

“Last year this was also a strong circuit for us.”

“If you look at the last race, we were as fast as Max in qualifying until Turn 13, and then we lost a lot in the fast corners. Since there are more medium-speed corners and slow corners here, I hope we will be closer to Red Bull,” said the seven-time world champion.


Hamilton risks wrath of Toto



In preparation for the race, Hamilton anticipates a tough battle with Verstappen, who has already secured eight victories this season, while Sergio Pérez claimed the other two. Rumours circulate that Red Bull will introduce another upgrade package, and Hamilton seems concerned about the team’s consistent ability to bring improvements. While Mercedes has also introduced major upgrades for its W14 in previous races, Hamilton remains cautious about Red Bull’s relentless development.

“I’ve heard that Red Bull is bringing another upgrade package this weekend, so we’ll see how that affects things,” Hamilton seems to fear the worst. “They seem to bring upgrades to their cars all the time.”


Mercedes upgrade cockup



Cost cap? Look at Red Bull ‘penalty’

Furthermore, Hamilton responded to rumours of two or three teams overspending in 2022. He expressed that it is not his responsibility to monitor such matters but acknowledged that penalties have been imposed in the past for similar issues.

Regarding the budget cap rumours, Hamilton shared his concerns during an interview with Sky Sports F1. He stated that it is indeed worrisome and noted that in the past, some teams did not receive substantial penalties, leading to a lack of strict enforcement. This may incentivize some teams to push the limits again, knowing they might not face severe consequences.

“It’s certainly worrying, yes. Last time they didn’t get a particularly heavy sentence, so there’s really no rule. So there will probably be teams that go for it again, knowing that they will not be tackled.” said Hamilton.

As the Hungarian Grand Prix approaches, Formula One fans eagerly anticipate an exciting showdown between Hamilton, Verstappen, and their respective teams.

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  1. Hamilton is bitching like a spoiled little girl. Cut your whining and drive your car. You never bitched nor did any other F1team when you were dominating F1. So shut the F…up and swallow your blubbering. Hamilton is just a zPLAIN ATTENTION SEEKER and stop being jealous complaining about RED BULL AND particularly about Max for whipping your arse in the past two and a half years.

  2. mediocre driver complaining he doesn’t have the car to make him look good – buzz of hamham

  3. ‘“I always try to lean on my talent…’ read: ‘I never took the trouble of putting some extra effort in it’.
    So typical how he exposes himself as the person he is. It should all come easy to him without a sweat and if that doesn’t happen, it’s because others playing false.

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