Hamilton confession risks wrath of Toto Wolff

Outspoken Lewis Hamilton risks Toto Wolff’s wrath with a confession that could cost Mercedes millions in prize money following the British Grand Prix in Silverstone where the driver finished third.

With his eyes set on an 8th F1 world drivers title, Hamilton believes the team needs to totally abandon this year and focus on the following year car design in the hope he can fight Verstappen at the sharp end in 2024.

“The crowd did it” as Lewis Hamilton thanks the fans

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 14th podium finish at Silverstone with gratitude towards the British fans after the conclusion of the 2023 F1 British Grand Prix.

Having faced a challenging qualifying session on Saturday, resulting in a seventh-place starting position for the main race on Sunday. Hamiltons’ difficulties continued on the opening lap as he slipped off the track at Turn 3, losing two more positions. However, a strategic decision by the team to bring him in during a safety car period provided an opportunity for him to challenge for second place on softer tires.



Norris holds of Hamilton

Despite being on the harder compound tyres, Lando Norris managed to defend his position against Hamilton’s relentless pursuit, ultimately finishing in second place behind race winner Max Verstappen. The two British drivers engaged in a fierce battle that captivated spectators until the very end of the race, with Norris emerging victorious.

Expressing his appreciation for his 14th podium appearance at Silverstone, Hamilton credited the crowd for their support. Speaking with David Coulthard in the Parc Ferme after the race, he stated:

“I didn’t do it, the crowd did it. Silverstone is an amazing show, we’ve got the greatest crowd here, so a big, big thank you to everyone. I felt the energy, I felt the support, which is the reason we got back up there.”


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Hamilton demands team stop to focus on next year

Lewis Hamilton’s recent confession regarding his focus on car development rather than his finishing position in races could risk the wrath of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff and potentially cost the team millions.

Despite securing a podium finish with a third-place result at the British Grand Prix, Hamilton’s winless streak in Formula 1 continues. The seven-time world champion is currently fourth in the championship standings, with the title seemingly out of reach for him this season.



Williams big upgrade excitement


Potential huge cost for Mercedes?

For Mercedes, every point and position matters as they battle to stay ahead of rivals in the Constructors’ Championship, particularly in light of their struggles to adapt their car to the new era of regulations. The prize money earned at the end of the season could be crucial for the team’s ongoing development efforts.

However, Hamilton’s recent confession risks angering his boss, Toto Wolff. The British driver revealed that he doesn’t care about his finishing position this year, certainly now a podium at home in Silverstone has been achieved. Hamilton is solely focused on providing valuable development information to the team for next year.


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“I don’t care where I finish”

But while every place should count for the British outfit this season, it doesn’t seem to be the case for Hamilton. And now he’s made a bizarre confession that risks angering his Austrian boss.

“I really don’t care what position I finish in this year,” he said, via the Express. “I’m just focused on just trying to give the best development information for the team, working with the guys to make sure we steer this car in the right way and when we start the first race or the first test next year we hit the ground running.

“We don’t have bouncing, we have the rear downforce we need and the car’s efficient and we can keep up with everybody, that’s my dream. So I’m looking further down the road.”


Wolff reaction?

While Hamilton’s dedication to car development is commendable superficially, it remains to be seen how Wolff and the Mercedes team will react to his comments. The team will need to strike a balance between maximizing their current performance and preparing for the future, all while aiming to maintain their competitive edge against rival teams.

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  2. Was it not Hamilton crying for a regulation to be implemented preventing teams from working on next year car until a point later in the currant year? Hamilton should listed to him self somtimes.

    First it has him compaining of redbull and max domination atm after his and mercs long domination period, and now about when to start car development? Seriously aas the old saying goes… whats good for the goose is good for the gander

    • Welcome in La Hamiltons world where everyone and everything is only on this earth to serve his ego. It doesn’t matter what he said or did in the past, only whatever serves him now, is relevant for La Hamilton

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