Brundle big snub by another celebrity

The controversy surrounding model and actress Cara Delevingne’s decision to decline an interview with Martin Brundle on the British Grand Prix grid has sparked a response from the Formula One team that invited her to the event.

Brundle, a Sky Sports pundit, traditionally conducts pre-race grid walks, engaging in conversations with team officials and invited guests. While participation is not mandatory, there have been instances of individuals snubbing Brundle on live television. Delevingne joined the list of high-profile figures who declined his interview at Silverstone on Sunday.


Delevingne snub on the grid walk

Brundle initially encountered resistance from a member of Delevingne’s staff, but he proceeded to request an interview directly with the actress. However, she declined the invitation and appeared to ignore his request. The incident quickly became a topic of debate on social media, with differing opinions on whether celebrities should be obligated to fulfill media commitments when attending F1 events.



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Delevingne had been a guest of Alfa Romeo, present in the paddock and on the grid throughout the day. The team shared a video on Monday showcasing her activities, expressing gratitude for her presence and the opportunity to introduce her to the world of F1.

In response to critical comments regarding Delevingne’s refusal of Brundle’s interview, the Alfa Romeo F1 Team’s official account seemingly criticized the broadcaster, emphasizing that respect should go both ways and that no one should be placed in an uncomfortable situation or forced to act against their will.




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Delevingne also addressed the situation on social media, responding to a fan’s suggestion that Brundle was seeking controversy by stating that she was instructed to decline the interview and appreciating the consideration of both perspectives.

However, Karun Chandhok, Brundle’s colleague at Sky Sports, proposed the idea of a “chart of rudeness” in F1 and suggested reallocating grid passes to deserving children who would cherish the experience, implying disappointment with individuals who show indifference towards such opportunities.

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  1. The only people who should be permitted on the grid of a motor race are officials, the drivers and those actively involved in the preparation of the cars.

    “Celebrities” should be restricted to the paddock and its hospitality units.

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