Wolff: Admits ‘secret’ meeting with FIA

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, has shed light on the details of his recent meeting with FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem during the British Grand Prix weekend. The pair were photographed engaging in a deep discussion on the top floor of the FIA hospital motorhome just before the qualifying session at Silverstone, sparking speculation about the nature of their conversation.

With numerous subjects of interest within the sport, including the upcoming implementation of the new Concorde Agreement in 2026, fans and pundits alike speculated about the content of the discussion between two influential figures in Formula One.


As well as Wolff from Mercedes, the other senior team member, this time McLaren CEO Zak Brown, hinted that discussions surrounding the new Concorde agreement have commenced among the teams.

While the specifics of these discussions remain unclear, it indicates that the teams are actively engaging in dialogue about the future direction of the sport.


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What is the ‘Concorde agreement’?

The Formula 1 Concorde Agreement is a significant contract that governs the commercial and sporting aspects of the sport. It establishes the rights and responsibilities of Formula 1 teams, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), and Formula One Management (FOM). The agreement takes its name from the Place de la Concorde in Paris, where the first version was signed in 1981.


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The Concorde Agreement serves as a fundamental framework that sets out the financial and regulatory structures within which Formula 1 operates. It covers various key areas, including the distribution of revenues, governance, technical and sporting regulations, and the commercial rights of the sport.

One of the primary aspects of the Concorde Agreement is the financial distribution mechanism. It outlines how the revenues generated by Formula 1, such as television rights, sponsorship deals, and race hosting fees, are distributed among the participating teams. The distribution formula takes into account factors like team performance, historical achievements, and marketability to ensure a fair distribution of financial resources.

It establishes a collaborative decision-making process involving the teams, the FIA, and FOM, ensuring that all parties have a say in shaping the future of the sport. 


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Wolff confirms what was discussed

Wolff addressed the media following the qualifying session, revealing some insight into his conversation with Ben Sulayem. He described the discussion as normal and positive, emphasizing the importance of exchanging views and keeping up with the general situation in Formula One.

“It was entertaining, the discussion was normal but it’s always good…” said Wolff,

“There’s a few things that can be discussed. We discussed the overall situation in Formula 1, Concorde and these things.

“But it is more, we haven’t seen each other for a while and there was an exchange on a few topics.”

“We talked about the general situation in F1, Concorde, and things like that,” Wolff stated.


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“But it’s more than that, we haven’t seen each other for a while and there was an exchange on a few topics.”

The meeting provided an opportunity for the two prominent figures to catch up and discuss matters of mutual interest. Given the recent absence of Ben Sulayem from the Formula One scene after making controversial comments earlier in the year, his sporadic appearances in the paddock have certainly attracted attention.

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  1. My original comment was that this is hardly a secret meeting if they are openly photographed. Hardly the damning scoop that the headline purports

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