Mercedes boss tells Hamilton to “stop complaining”

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, has recently faced harsh criticism for expressing his frustration over Mercedes’ performance this season. Hamilton has been vocal about his dissatisfaction, even suggesting new regulations to limit Red Bull’s dominance in the sport.

Hamilton’s comments have drawn backlash from former Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug, who believes Hamilton’s frustration may be clouding his judgment, that his complaining and calls for the FIA to ‘change the rules’ really isn’t what he ought to be doing right now.



Mercedes boss Toto Wolff agrees with Haug 

It now appears that the current Mercedes boss is starting to agree with the retired Mercedes boss. After several instances of Hamilton expressing his discontent, Wolff felt the need to intervene and bring his driver’s focus back to the task at hand during the Austrian Grand Prix.

In a straightforward message, Wolff instructed Hamilton to stay focused and drive the car despite its perceived shortcomings.

“Lewis, the car is bad, we know. Please drive it,” commanded Wolff to Hamilton.


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The intervention by Wolff has clearly highlighted the tense atmosphere within the Mercedes camp and Hamilton’s growing frustration, but Wolff claims that he was simply calming down the situation.

“Sometimes there is a certain moment you need to calm things down,” Wolff explained,

“We had a lot of discussion about track limits and whether they were enforced or not, and I felt I wanted to just make sure we were getting the best out of the package.”


Hamilton: “I’ve not been happy for over a year now…”

Speaking in a media session after the Austrian Grand Prix, where he finished in a disappointing eighth place, Hamilton revealed his dissatisfaction, stating, “I’ve not been happy in the car for a year now and a bit longer.”


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Hamilton’s ‘own goal’

Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton had already questioned the current FIA regulations that allowed teams to commence work on next year’s car at their discretion.

The British driver had expressed his belief that Red Bull was already significantly ahead in the current season, giving them the opportunity to shift their focus to their 2024 car without concerns about their position in the ongoing championships.

Indeed this was the ‘own goal’ Mercedes boss Norbert Haug was referring to in his column in the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland newspaper.


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Hamilton’s suggestions

In an interview with Sky F1, Hamilton had shared his thoughts on the matter, suggesting that the FIA should establish a specific date for all teams to initiate the development of their next year’s cars. He had proposed August 1 as the designated starting point, aiming to prevent any team from gaining an advantage in the subsequent year’s championship. Hamilton had emphasised the importance of fairness and equity in the sport, stating that it would be more logical to implement such a regulation.

Hamilton’s remarks had reflected his concerns about Red Bull’s perceived advantage and its potential impact on the competitive nature of Formula 1. The discussion surrounding regulations and maintaining a level playing field has been an ongoing topic in the sport.

Ironically Hamilton says that ensuring fairness and preserving the excitement of competition should be crucial for the FIA.


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Mercedes boss critical

In his column for the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland, Haug responded to Hamilton’s suggestion by questioning the appropriateness of such a demand coming from the driver who has enjoyed years of success due to the superiority of his engine, vehicle, and team. Haug referred to Hamilton’s comments as a “classic own goal” in the ongoing debate.

“I read about this statement. If it was made that way, Lewis was possibly over-frustrated because of uncompetitive performances,”


If there is one driver in the current driver field who should not demand any special restrictions in this area, it is Lewis Hamilton, as Haug emphasised:

“[Hamilton] has blown all opponents year in, year out, also thanks to superior engine and vehicle and best team performance by all rules of art, should not push such an inappropriate discussion.”

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  1. Under pressure the real character starts to shine through the cracks. Hamilton is like a child that doesn’t like his game anymore because it is too difficult for him without cheatcodes.

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