Sainz says it’s ‘clickbait’

Speculation surrounding Carlos Sainz’s potential exit from Ferrari has recently increased as he addresses clickbait rumours and denies talks with Audi.

Sainz has refuted claims that he is currently in negotiations with Audi to join their Formula One team in 2026. Audi’s entry into Formula One involves buying into the Sauber team and operating under the Audi name while still based in Hinwil, Switzerland.



Links to Audi

Rumours initially emerged in April suggesting that Sainz could be a preferred choice for his former McLaren team boss, Andreas Seidl, who is now the managing director of Sauber and is shaping the team’s future for 2026. However, Sainz dismissed these rumours as “fictitious” back in April.

It’s important to note that the Spanish and Swiss media, where the story gained traction, did not explicitly claim that talks had already occurred but rather suggested that Seidl saw Sainz as a potential driver.


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Sainz claims ‘clickbait’

Sainz has once again debunked these rumours, attributing them to clickbait or smaller journalists seeking attention. In an interview with “,” he expressed his belief that the rumours stem from attempts to generate publicity, saying:

“I really think it has to be something like that because I don’t understand where else the rumours would come from. It doesn’t mean I’m going to change, and it doesn’t mean I’m not going to change. It’s impossible to predict.

“But I know I’m not talking to anyone but Ferrari today.”


Sainz is currently under contract with Ferrari until the end of 2024, along with his teammate Charles Leclerc. He hopes to finalize any contract extension by the end of 2023, stating that he would not want to enter the final year of his contract without clarity about his future.


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Sainz doesn’t discount a move to Audi

While his priority is to achieve success with Ferrari, Sainz acknowledges that if he fails to reach an agreement with the team, other options, including Audi, could become considerations. However, he reiterates that Ferrari remains his priority and he intends to address his future with the team during the winter.

Despite Ferrari’s challenging 2023 season, with Sainz currently fifth in the drivers’ championship, he expresses confidence in the team.


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Ferrari still in ‘good shape’ 

“I think the team is in good shape,” says Sainz nevertheless, seemingly still happy to toe the line for Ferrari.

He acknowledges ongoing internal changes since team boss Fred Vasseur’s arrival but believes the factory and race team are functioning well together.

We are still going through internal changes since Fred (Vasseur) came. There have been a few changes here and there and we are still realigning. But the factory and the race team are working well together.”

“So I don’t think there is a loss of confidence in the team. It doesn’t give me a headache,” he says.


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Sainz’s main focus is understanding why the team has been slow in races, as he believes that resolving this issue will pave the way for improvement in other areas.

“It’s mainly about understanding why we are so slow in the races. Once we understand that, everything else will come much easier to us.”

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