Marko: Red Bull “deciding Perez successor”

Just four races ago the talk of the F1 media was the impending grand battle between the Red Bull drivers for the 2023 Formula One championship. 

“There is so much you can talk outside the car, it’s important to deliver on the track and I think without the issues we had in qualifying in Melbourne we should be leading the championship,” Perez boldly claimed after winning in Baku.



Perez/Verstappen battle over egged

Sergio’s father got carried away and unwisely compared the battle between Verstappen and his son to one of the greatest ever in F1 history.

“You have to remember when McLaren had Senna and Prost,” Perez told Mexican outlet Esto.

“This is the same thing. Today we are living it again. They are two tigers in the same cage. They both think the same, have the same breakfast, eat the same.

“You see they both try to take fastest lap from one another. In qualifying they want the pole; they want to be fastest in practice.”

AlphaTauri future in question




Perez can’t keep up with Max

Well that was then and now Red Bull’s Mexican driver has failed to make the final stages of qualifying for three races in a row and has Fernando Alonso hunting him down in the championship for second place.

Perez does not make the grade when Helmut Marko reveals to OE24 the only two drivers who could possibly match Verstappen at p[resent.

“Alonso and Hamilton could, at most, keep up with him. These three are simply the strongest, among them Max stands out again.”

Bridgestone gauntlet thrown at Pirelli



Gulf widens between RBR drivers

In some sort of explanation as to the ever widening gulf between the two Red Bull drivers, Marko concludes “Max is Max… he’s in the best car.”

The Piranha club is striking again as now all the talk over Checo is whether he will be retained for next season and even if he can keep his place to the end of this year.

In an interview with ORF Sport, the over the weekend Helmut Marko fired a shot across Checo’s bow given his poor showing at the last three events.

Ferrari ‘civil war’ breaking out



Marko: Ricciardo waits in the wings

He reminded the Red Bull driver of who was standing in the wings.

“We will have Daniel Ricciardo in the car for three days after Silverstone at the Pirelli tire tests, there we will assess his level and where he is really at,” Helmut explained.

Whilst accepting Perez so far has delivered on what looks like a relatively easy F1 constructors’ title for Red Bull this season, Marko claims the team are already considering his successor.

Horner “not a fan of de Vries”



Perez goal completed

“His initial goal was to stay for two or three years, that would be more than he planned, so we just have to keep the options open to decide who will be his successor,” he concluded.

Perez has a contract for 2024 though Red Bull will have an option to discontinue it should Sergio fall below a required performance level.

At present he is second in the championship but by just none points from the fast closing Fernando Alonso




Checo replacement

The contenders who would throw their hats into the ring to drive the all conquering Red Bull car at present includes the entire field and some.

However, Daniel Ricciardo would be first to step up in a hope of reviving his failing F1 career. Yet Carlos Sainz has indicated he will look elsewhere unless Ferrari come up with a contract extension by the end of the year.

putside bets include Lando Norris who is contracted by McLaren until the end of 2005, a return for Alex Albon or promotion of the Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda from Alpha Tauri.

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