Verstappen: “Hamilton isn’t on the same level….”

The anticipation is mounting as the Formula 1 circus gears up for the highly awaited 2023 Canadian Grand Prix. The picturesque city of Montreal is abuzz with excitement as teams, drivers, and fans from around the world descend upon the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for a weekend of high-speed action and intense competition.

This year’s Canadian Grand Prix holds even more significance as it marks the eighth round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship. With the championship battle intensifying, every race becomes crucial in shaping the destiny of the drivers and teams ‘vying for glory’.


Canadian GP build-up ramps up rhetoric

As the teams prepare for the weekend, all eyes are on the dominant forces of the season. Red Bull Racing, led by Max Verstappen, has been in scintillating form, securing back-to-back victories and establishing themselves as the team to beat. Verstappen, a two-time world champion, will be looking to extend his lead in the championship standings and continue his impressive run.

However, their closest rivals, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, are not yet ready to concede. The Silver Arrows, with their ‘darling’, the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, are determined to bounce back from recent setbacks and close the gap.


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Chaos expected at the race this weekend

The unique nature of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve adds an extra layer of excitement and potential chaos to the race. With its tight chicanes, long straights, and demanding corners, the track poses a challenge to both drivers and engineers. Traction coming out of corners, stability under braking, and agility when changing direction will be key factors in achieving success on this semi-permanent road circuit.

The weather, too, is expected to play a pivotal role throughout the weekend. The unpredictable nature of the Canadian climate adds an element of unpredictability to the race, as teams must be prepared to adapt their strategies on the fly. Rain showers, temperature fluctuations, and changing track conditions can turn the tide in an instant, testing the skill and adaptability of the drivers.


Chaos in 2011

Examples of this include Jenson Button’s Formula 1 victory at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix which has now been etched in the annals of racing history. In a race filled with drama, rain, and multiple safety car periods, Button showcased his exceptional skill and composure. Starting from seventh on the grid, he navigated treacherous conditions and executed bold overtakes, ultimately seizing the lead on the final lap. His triumph stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and ability to excel under pressure. Button’s win in Canada 2011 remains a memorable moment, highlighting the additional mental capacity required to win this kind of race.


De Vries acknowledges he may be sacked



Verstappen digs at Hamilton

After a weekend without Formula 1 action, the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix is set to resume this Friday. Max Verstappen, the two-time world champion, aims to continue his impressive journey towards a third title.

However, he recently had an opportunity to discuss some of his fellow competitors. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the Red Bull driver specifically praised Fernando Alonso while drawing an uncomfortable comparison to Lewis Hamilton.


Norris pays lip service to McLaren…but


Verstappen: “Alonso possesses an ‘extra’ ability”

“I believe having an additional skill is a significant advantage in Formula 1. It’s not something you can train for; only a few drivers possess it.

“For me, Fernando Alonso definitely has it. I can sense it in the way he operates within the car and his attention to detail. He pushes himself to the limit while also considering other factors.

“In this aspect, Hamilton doesn’t measure up to Alonso…”

Fighting talk ahead of the Grand Prix this weekend where it certainly appears that Mercedes have stepped up their performance since a big car update launched in Monaco two races ago.

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3 responses to “Verstappen: “Hamilton isn’t on the same level….”

  1. Why doesn’t Hamilton answer Verstappen with the same remark Versappan made about his success which was ‘anybody would win if they had your car’ but Hamilton won’t do that because he is a really nice guy. Jean

    • Hamilton and nice are not even parallel lines. They are skew lines. The further you travel along them, the more they diverge.
      As for ‘nice guy’ Hamilton’s pronouncements about ‘that guy’ Verstappen or Alonso or other competitors, he is the first one to cast a stone. He is not just political, he is pure evil. Unfortunately, there was no one to put sense into him and his association with Wolff only made him more despicable.
      If MB had not failed in ’21, ’22 and now in ’23, there would have been a torrent of arrogant and insulting nonsense pouring out of those two mouths. Time is a great leveller!

    • Well he could, but he did get beaten by Georgie boi last year. So you have to ask, if George could get a pole and a win why couldn’t Hamilton at least match that achievement?

      Max’s words have substance. Only the team #44 brigade will disagree.

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