Alonso turns on Stroll?

For Peter Windsor, Fernando Alonso will soon no longer be ‘the model team-mate’. Windsor is certain that Fernando Alonso will not be as complacent with Lance Stroll, if the latter manages to beat him on the track on a regular basis. Indeed we would see Alonso turn on his team mate Lance Stroll.

Fernando Alonso seems to have turned into his team-mate Lance Stroll’s coach this season, as Max Verstappen put it. The two-time world champion not only gave him a few tips during the first Grand Prix, but even went so far as to offer him his brake balance.

The Spaniard explains that this is because, in his opinion, Lance Stroll is aiming to become the Aston Martin team’s number 1 driver in the future.


Some experts have pointed out that he is no longer the Fernando Alonso of yesteryear, even though the Spaniard insists that he has always been a team player.



Questionable behaviour at the Spanish GP

After seven races this season, Alonso has dominated his team-mate six times in qualifying and the race. Stroll, meanwhile, only managed to get ahead of the Spaniard at the last Grand Prix, thanks to the damaged floor on the number 14 Aston Martin.

However, even with a car unable to deliver 100% of its potential, the Bull from Asturias came back to within a second of the Canadian in the final laps of the Spanish GP. But he decided not to attack his team-mate.

A decision that surprised many.


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For former Ferrari and Williams team boss Peter Windsor, it’s only a matter of time before the character of the “perfect team-mate” facade implodes.

“At the moment Fernando is ridiculously over the top when it comes to helping Lance Stroll, partly because Lance is in trouble but also because he knows it gives him a relationship with Lance’s father,” he said on his YouTube channel.

“You can read it from a mile away. Wait, the day Lance Stroll surpasses Fernando Alonso [on merit], we’ll see if Fernando will be nice to Lance on that day.”


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Next two Grand Prix races crucial for Lance

The 71-year-old also spoke about Stroll’s future with the team, because although his father, Lawrence, owns Aston Martin, his results compared to Alonso’s are leading many to question whether he still deserves a driver’s seat.

Lance Stroll has yet to score a podium finish this season, while Alonso has five champagne celebrations to his name. Stroll has also scored almost three times as many points as the Canadian (99 to 38).

Windsor believes that the next two races, including the one in Canada, the driver’s home country, and the one in Spielberg, Austria, could be decisive for Stroll’s future.

“I think we might see Aston do something about it because I don’t see how Lawrence is going to let the situation go on too long.”

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3 responses to “Alonso turns on Stroll?

  1. Peter is sometimes over the top with his analyses. Yes, Alonso has changed dramatically, he got wiser, and down to earth a bit which has come from all his previous failures but above all i believe he appreciates Lance and feels he deserves to be on top with him. I think that is a very good thing when you get older and if you are a good leader you pass on your knowledge to younger guns. Alonso was approached by Laurence to drive for the team so I don’t see what he has to prove to Laurence by guiding his son. I never was a fan of him, but I have changed my mind

  2. Windsor should stop talking about Fernando and concentrate on the drivers he likes🤨. We know he dislikes Fernando because he never has anything good to say, only trivial nonsense🤬🤮.

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