Verstappen admits jumping ship from Red Bull

Max Verstappen Open to Leaving Red Bull at Contract End. Max Verstappen, a two-time Formula 1 champion and a Red Bull driver since 2016, has not completely ruled out the possibility of leaving the team when his contract expires. While Verstappen is committed to Red Bull until 2028, he stated that he would consider other options only if a different team offered the best car on the grid.

Having started his Formula 1 career with Toro Rosso in 2015 before joining Red Bull as a mid-season replacement the following year, the Dutch driver has shown loyalty to the Milton Keynes-based team. Verstappen signed a multi-year contract extension, which will keep him with Red Bull until 2028.


Retire or jump ship?

In 2028, at the age of 31, Verstappen will face a crucial decision point in his career. He will need to evaluate whether to continue his journey with Red Bull, switch teams, or possibly retire after entering the sport at a young age.

Verstappen emphasized that the competitiveness of the car would play a significant role in shaping his future choices: “It will also depend on our competitiveness in 2028. If Red Bull dominates, it would be very difficult to leave,” Verstappen shared in an interview with Sky Sports.


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He further clarified that he would only consider leaving Red Bull if there was an opportunity to drive the fastest car on the grid, leaving no option off the table, including Ferrari. While acknowledging Ferrari’s remarkable history in Formula 1 and its allure as a team, Verstappen’s priority remains being in the fastest car possible.

“People often ask me about my dream team. Ferrari has an incredible history, and it’s an amazing team to race for, but my goal has always been to be in the fastest car,” Verstappen explained.

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Happy for the moment…

Currently, Verstappen is content and satisfied with his current position, expressing no strong desire to join any specific team at all costs. He recognizes the importance of being in the fastest single-seater and appreciates the great feeling of achieving that with Red Bull.

While Verstappen remains open to the possibility of leaving Red Bull in the future, he maintains a sense of contentment with his current situation and expresses gratitude for the opportunities he has had.




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  1. It’s interesting to hear that Max Verstappen, the Formula 1 driver, is open to the idea of leaving Red Bull when his contract ends. Even though he is committed to the team until 2028, he mentioned that he would consider other options if another team offered the best car on the grid.It will be interesting to see how Max’s career unfolds and which team he will be driving for in the future.

  2. So the driver who reckons Lewis only won coz he was in the best car would switch to another team, only if they had the best car. You can’t make this up😉😂😉😂

    • He NEVER claimed that. Djeez LH fanboys stop at nothing to bash Verstappen. Maybe take an example from Lewis and Max. Two greats that respect eachother. Unlike their toddlerlike “fanbase”

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