British courts refuse Mazepin

The British courts have denied the request to temporarily lift the sanctions imposed on Russian driver Nikita Mazepin in relation to the conflict in Ukraine. Consequently, Mazepin will be unable to travel to the UK for discussions with Formula 1 teams in the coming weeks. The British government views Nikita Mazepin as being “connected” to his father.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 24-year-old Mazepin was removed from the Haas team. In March 2022, he was added to London’s list of sanctioned Russian individuals, along with his father Dmitry Mazepin, who serves as the owner and CEO of the chemical products manufacturer Uralchem.


While the Russian driver had previously faced sanctions from the European Union, the President of the EU General Court issued an order in March that partially suspended the sanctions against him, allowing him to continue participating in Formula 1.


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Mazepin seeks new F1 team

Now seeking a new team, Mazepin has taken legal action against the British government in an attempt to have the UK sanctions, including asset freezes and travel bans, lifted. A hearing is scheduled for July. In the interim, his legal representatives requested a temporary lifting of the sanctions, which the judge declined on Thursday.

The judge expressed complete satisfaction that a temporary suspension of the sanctions was not appropriate.


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As Mazepin remains without a team, he has not competed in Formula 1 since the Ukraine conflict began. He had intended to travel to the UK to engage in negotiations with teams there. The British authorities perceive Nikita Mazepin to be “associated” with his father, who has managed to gain favour with the Russian government by heading an organization operating in the strategic chemical sector, which holds significance for the Russian government.

Throughout his career, Dmitry Mazepin has been a supporter of his son’s endeavors in the world of motorsport.

In 2021, Nikita Mazepin joined the Haas F1 team, bringing with him a new sponsor for the team—Russian fertilizer giant Uralkali—in which Dmitry Mazepin holds a stake through Uralchem.

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