Russell gives real reason for Mercedes upswing

In a recent interview, British driver George Russell shed light on the real factor that has propelled Mercedes’ resurgence in the world of Formula 1. Russell shared his insights into the team’s success and the key element behind their recent upswing in performance.

Mercedes’ evident progress was showcased at the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend, where they achieved their first double podium, following the recent update of the W14 and their departure from the zeropod concept.


Both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton expressed their enthusiasm for the revamped car and also commended test driver Mick Schumacher, who dedicated his Saturday night to testing different setups in the simulator.

However, the drivers and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff primarily acknowledged the arduous efforts of the employees in Brackley and Brixworth, who were responsible for implementing the change in direction. Russell acknowledged that while drivers can provide numerous comments and ideas, he recognized that it is ultimately the engineers who bring them to fruition.

“Of course, at every race and every drive on the track we give our feedback and say what we need from the car and what needs to be improved,” says Russell.

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Russell praises engineers and aerodynamicists

“Each driver also works in the simulator to a greater or lesser extent. It’s a really useful tool for developing these cars. And I try to invest as much as possible in the simulator to help in that regard.”

“But ultimately it’s up to the smart and intelligent designers and engineers to deliver the results, in the direction that Lewis and I and the lead engineers have set by saying what we need.”


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Russell believes that the popular notion of the driver solely developing the car is, in his perspective, exaggerated.

“I think the idea that the drivers are the key instrument for the development and the success or failure of a car is probably not necessarily correct,” says the Mercedes driver.

“The engineers and aerodynamicists probably don’t get enough recognition in this regard,” warns the British driver, “because they are the genius behind the job.”

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