Hamilton dents Hollywood stars ego

Lewis Hamilton revealed in Barcelona he is currently producing a Formula One documentary for Apple about his climb to the top of the sport. This is not to be confused with Hamilton’s role of executive producer for Brad Pitt who is set to star in the in the next fictitious based F1 movie to be directed by Joseph Kosinski of Top Gun.

Last autumn Hamilton launched his own TV/Movie production company – Dawn Apollo Films – sparking speculation he was considering retiring from F1 in the very near future.



Hamilton announces Apple documentary

In the Kosinski movie Pitt plays an ageing ex racer who comes out of retirement to mentor an up and coming young charger in his quest for F1 championship glory.

However, the Apple documentary was revealed by Hamilton to surprised journalists at the 2023 Spanish GP.

“I thought I had already announced it,” Hamilton told assembled media.

“I am producing my documentary along with Apple. It feels different, feels strange having a camera following you around, but it is about my life and my career and my journey to where I am, with the hope of doing what Ayrton Senna’s documentary did for me as a kid.



How Hamilton climbed to top of F1

“Maybe it is something new and fresh for the next young kid that’s watching, coming home from school and dreaming of something.

“Hopefully they’ll watch this and be inspired to do something great themselves.”

Hamilton is clearly once again mixing with the celebrity Jetset and has apparently dented the ego of a Hollywood mega star by dating his “buddy’s” target girlfriend.

Lewis was photographed following the Miami Grand Prix on a boat trip with recently divorced Shakira and then again in Spain after the internationally renown singer had watched Hamilton claim second in his Mercedes AMG W14 car.

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Hamilton and Shakira linked

It is rumoured the couple also enjoyed a post race dinner with Paris Saint Germain stars Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

However, Top Gun mega star Tom Cruise was allegedly hoping that he and Shakira were about to form something more than juts a friendship.

The couple were seen hanging out at the Miami Grand Prix and took a walk on the grid together.

Heat magazine reveals whilst Cruise made his interests plain, Shakira was “flattered” but not interested in anything more than friendship.



Tom Cruise also chasing Shakira

“Tom was giddy when he met Shakira, and it wasn’t all that dissimilar to how he acted when he first got with Katie Holmes,” claims a Heat source.

“He’s known Shakira loosely for years, but this was his first time hanging out with her in a relaxed setting, and he came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on.”

But unfortunately for the Top Gun legend Shakira had other ideas.

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Shakira not interested in Cruise

“For Shakira, one minute, she was just being friendly and posing for pictures with Tom, the next he was seemingly telling everyone she was his dream woman,” the source added.

“It was too much to deal with. Everyone was blowing. up Shakira’s phone asking if she was dating Tom.

“She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but there’s no attraction or romance on her part – she was just being friendly. She’s flattered but not interested, and that message has been politely passed back to Tom.”



Hamilton dented Cruise ego

While her interest in Cruise is little more than a friendship, rumours grow week on week she is in fact dating Lewis Hamilton – something Cruise is not happy about.

“It’s “a huge dent to Tom’s ego,” reports Heat. 

“It stung all the more because he considers Lewis a buddy.”

Hamilton has been linked with relatively few female stars since the collapse of his long term relationship with Nicole Schirtzinger which ended in some acrimony.

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Hamilton wants relationship with international singer

Lewis was amusingly captured on film chasing Rhianna back in 2015 as she road on a float in a scantily dressed outfit for the Barbado Kadooment Day festival.

Whilst the two allegedly dated for a while, the romance clearly dwindled to nothing.

Together with his goal of an eighth F1 drivers’ title maybe Lewis has set his sights on being long term with an internationally renown singer as well.

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